Government will regulate information provided by court processes

The Government will limit, by the law of criminal procedure (LECrim), the access of journalists to information relating to legal proceedings under the pretext of ensuring the presumption of innocence of the accused.

In this way, as laSexta has learned, the project will see that the responsibility for the publication of the summaries, which until now was not regulated, will lie with the prosecution. It will be the prosecutor, now in charge of the investigation and not the judge, who will decide which events are of interest and can be brought to the attention of public opinion to avoid leaks as much as possible.

“In the general procedure, publicity of the procedure in the investigation phase is the subject of particular attention. Indiscriminate transmission of its content to public opinion constitutes a serious infringement of the right to presumption. of innocence “, he explains. the text. And he adds: “It is intended that the flow of information be limited to what is essential from the point of view of information interest and that it be transmitted in a aseptic and objective manner.”

In addition, the text also regulates popular prosecutions, excluding political parties, unions and public legal entities. A decision that further limits the opportunity for the media to learn about the processes through leaks.

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