Governor-elect of California: Transgender icon Caitlyn Jenner runs for California recall: Katlyn Jenner in the race for governor of California

US Olympic athlete, reality TV personality and transgender activist Katlin Jenner has announced that she will compete in the race to become governor of California. They said documents had been filed to this effect. The 71-year-old Republican leader made the decision after speaking with party advisers. Describing California as his home, he wrote that everyone’s dreams come true, no matter what their journey.

‘Need an honest leader’
He further wrote: “But over the past decade we have seen that the glow of the Golden State has been dimmed by the rule of a party that has placed politics on development and special interests on the people. Sacramento needs an honest leader with a clear vision. Katelyn reported that she felt the need to run for office after seeing the damage done to small businesses during the corona virus outbreak.

Second celebrity
Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger won here almost 20 years before Katlin. He also won the post in the recall election in 2003, showing Gov. Gray Davis on the sidelines. Also this time, Gov. Gavin Newsom could face a recall election this year. Several candidates are in the fray against him. According to the NBC report, there were 55 attempts to recall the governor of California, but this was the first time in 2003.

How will the election be conducted?
If there is a decision to remove Newsom, there will be elections for a new governor. During this time, people will be asked if they want to remove Newsom and if so, who do they want to see instead. Governor Newsom says he’s not worried. It focuses on the effective implementation of corona virus vaccination and other policies.

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