Granados calls for a showdown with Bárcenas, after saying he gave him and Aguirre 60,000 euros in bites


Publication: Monday, March 1, 2021 12:38

The defense of the former secretary general of the PP of Madrid, Francisco Granados, demanded a confrontation with the former treasurer of the national training, Luis Bárcenas, after testifying in front of the instructor of the Punic conspiracy that gave 60,000 euros to Esperanza Aguirre and him to finance the electoral campaigns.

In a document to which laSexta had access, Granados calls for this confrontation to refute the demonstrations in Bárcenas. As he points out, Bárcenas refers to “absolute generalities” and gives details of procedures that have already been tried as a first step in the Gürtel case.

In addition, Granados made it ugly that the only witness to this delivery, besides himself and Aguirre, was the former party treasurer Álvaro Lapuerta.

In the text, the defense of the former general secretary of the People’s Madrilenians alleges that Bárcenas lacks documents, recordings or other means that prove the statements he made to the instructor. In addition, it designates the former president of the region, Ignacio González, indicating that he was responsible for the election campaigns in the formation at the time of the delivery.

Bárcenas watch Aguirre

Luis Bárcenas assured last week before the judge investigating the Punic plot, the alleged irregular financing of the PP of Madrid, which delivered with the late Álvaro Lapuerta an envelope of 60,000 euros from a builder to Esperanza Aguirre – which she denies and therefore been continued – in the Genoa office of the former president of the Community of Madrid.

According to legal sources from laSexta, Bárcenas said that in 2007 the Ploder company – a construction company – through its chairman, Luis Gálvez, traveled to Genoa with this amount in cash. Gálvez gave the money to Bárcenas and Lapuerta, who went to the office of the former president of the Community and handed over the envelope. Besides Lapuerta, Aguirre and Bárcenas, the “number three” of the formation of the time, Francisco Granados, was also in this office.

Bárcenas claimed that he did not remember the names of other donors since everything related to this funding would have been done by PP Madrid director Beltrán Gutiérrez. In addition, he quantified the irregular inflows of money at 400,000 euros per campaign, the donations being always made in cash by the entrepreneurs.

The former treasurer also underlined the “close relationship” that Granados had with the construction company OHL. Asked about the work that the Community of Madrid has granted to this company, owned by Juan Miguel Villar Mir, in exchange for the alleged donations he made to the PP of Madrid, he replies that he does not remember.

Granados’ defense has already asked Judge Manuel García-Castellón to change the condition of Bárcenas, who testifies at his own request, from witness to investigated.

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