Grant Thornton revalidates his position as World Top 50 for sixth consecutive year

Grant Thornton revalidates his position as World Top 50 for sixth consecutive year

For the sixth consecutive year, the professional services firm Grant Thornton is one of the 50 most attractive companies in the world, as evidenced by the new edition of the ranking of the most attractive employers in the world, produced each year by the consulting firm Universum. Specifically, more than 235,000 university students from the 12 largest economies in the world have once again chosen the firm as one of their favorites to develop their professional careers in the future.

Students come from careers related to business science, engineering and computer science, disciplines from which Grant Thornton’s main service lines are nurtured, such as auditing, business consulting, technology and innovation; and legal and financial tax advice. Specifically, Grant Thornton is ranked 42nd in a ranking that also includes other large companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Goldman Sachs or L’Oréal.

The new president of Grant Thornton in Spain, Ramn Galcern, believes that this new recognition comes in the midst of an economic and commercial situation “of maximum challenge”, in which companies which aspire to have the best talents “must come up with a clear project , consolidated and which confers professional certainty. Being for the sixth consecutive year in this ranking of leading companies shows that the project we are building manages to attract non-conformist and entrepreneurial talents ”.

Security, flexibility and a sense of belonging

This year’s ranking, in addition to listing the top companies, looks at the top business trends that students value most when choosing their first company to work for. These include financial security and stability, followed by flexibility and, finally, inclusion and a sense of belonging.

University students from all fields studied, according to Universum, also attach importance to pay and other factors such as a friendly working environment and respect for people. In addition, the more an organization is innovative and open to new technologies, the more attractive it is to the talent who approaches it for the first time, because it is perceived as a safe place for professional development in the face of a convulsive global economic and health reality. .

“The corporate culture of our firm is strategically focused on obtaining the best professional experience from the talents who join us. The personal stories and the career advancements of our auditors, consultants, lawyers and tax specialists bear witness to Grant Thornton’s determined commitment to building, day by day, a firm whose main asset is its people ”, considers Pablo Gonzlez-Costea, Director People & Culture by Grant Thornton.

Finally, it should be noted that the new Universum ranking reveals that professional services companies are among the preferred companies to work for among the more than 108,000 management students surveyed around the world. Universum is a world leader in reputation research and consulting for companies that create jobs. They have more than 30 years of experience and have been developing this prestigious international ranking for twelve years.

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