Great Britain: Prince Philip, 94, and Queen Elizabeth, 99, receive Corona vaccine, 68,053 new cases

In the UK, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II were vaccinated with the Corona vaccine. Buckingham Palace issued a statement saying the Queen wanted her to know about the introduction of the Corona vaccine. So that speculation can stop. Currently Queen Elizabeth II is 99 years old, while Prince Philip is 94 years old.

The government said – Just behave like you have kovid.
Given the rapid pace of the infection, the UK government has released advertisements and asked people to stand as if you have become corona. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said people should stay at home and remain vigilant. The government is raising awareness about the corona virus by running advertisements on TV, radio, in newspapers and on social media.

Corona bomb explodes again in Britain today
Since the arrival of new strains of Corona, the number of infected people is increasing day by day in the UK. In the last 24 hours, 68,053 patients infected with Corona have been found in the UK, while 1,325 people have died. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has put in place a nationwide lockdown to prevent a rapidly spreading infection. On the other hand, Britain’s Metropolitan Police have announced that they will now take more stringent measures to track the corona virus lockdown.

Britain approves Moderna’s vaccine, will new Corona strain be effective?
200-10,000 pounds will be fined
British police have called on people to strictly follow the rules. Scotland Yard has said those who breach the restrictions could be fined £ 200 to £ 10,000 (Rs 994,751). Metropolitan Police said this would mean that not only the organizers of the party, concerts or illegal gatherings without permission, but also those who attend, can be fined.

Destruction in Britain by new Corona strain, police will charge up to 1million fine for breaking lockdown
UK Kovid-19 vaccine fraud
Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) warned compatriots that some scammers across the country were trying to get money by asking people for their bank account information or cash on behalf of the app of the Kovid-19 vaccine. In the UK, Pfizer / Bioentech and Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccination has started. In such a situation, authorities sent a message this week alerting people to vaccine scams. In London, a man claiming to be a vaccinator took 160 pounds of thugs from a 92-year-old woman, whom city police are investigating.

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