Great Britain Security: After Austria and France, who is the next terrorist target? Increased vigilance in Britain – increased security and vigilance in Britain following the terrorist attacks in Austria amid prophet comics

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Terrorist attacks escalate in UK due to fears of Prophet Muhammad cartoon, so far 12 terrorist incidents in France-Austria have killed 1 dozen people in Britain Placed in London
The fires raging on the contested cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed have engulfed France (France beheads) and Austria. So far, a dozen people have been killed in terrorist incidents in the two European countries. In light of this, the threat of a terrorist attack in Britain rose from “sufficiently” to “serious” on Tuesday. This category is ranked second in the danger category

This means that the probability of an attack is “very high”. British Home Secretary Preeti Patel described it as a precautionary measure after the attack in France last week and the attack in Austria this week. Patel said: “The British people should not be worried, but just be careful.” He said the police presence in the country would be clearly visible.

UK Home Secretary said it was just a precautionary measure
He said, “It’s just in view of the danger… People shouldn’t worry. It is a precautionary measure. Patel said: “As I said before, we face a real and serious danger in Britain. I would like to tell people to be vigilant and inform the police of any suspicious activity.

Seven people killed in attack in Austria
In the Austrian capital of Vienna, murderous terrorists armed with rifles violently attacked 6 locations on Monday evening. Local media reported that at least 7 people have been killed and many injured in the attack so far. Earlier, three people died in a knife attack in Nice, France, and a teacher was strangled to death last month.

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