Great Place to Work® recognizes Servier Spain as a great place to work

Great Place to Work® recognizes Servier Spain as a great place to work

This certification strengthens the company’s commitment to its employees and its best practices.

BY RRHHDigital, 05:00 – 21 December 2020

Servier Spain, a subsidiary of the Servier Pharmaceutical Group, present in our country for more than 60 years, is certified “Great Place to Work” by the consulting firm Great Place to Work® (GPTW). Obtaining this certification, awarded each year to the best employers in the world, rewards Servier Spain’s desire to place people and trust at the heart of its corporate culture.

GPTW certification is obtained thanks to a survey based on the Trust Index ©, which measures the human and professional experience of each employee. The index takes into account five dimensions of corporate life: credibility (72%), respect (66%), pride (78%), camaraderie (78%) and impartiality (71%). Servier España obtained a confidence index of 72%.

“We are very proud to have obtained this benchmark award and we thank our employees for their commitment and their trust. The growth of Servier Spain (36% growth in turnover over the past 3 years) is the result of this collective commitment, ”said Régis Fedrigo, Managing Director of Servier Spain. “This certification is the result of a cultural transformation that began three years ago, based on a participatory approach and a culture of autonomy and feedback. Our corporate culture is based on trust and transparency. Improves organizational efficiency and encourages individual and collective performance.

The results of the internal climate diagnosis carried out by GPTW reveal a high level of employee satisfaction and a particular appreciation of the working environment thanks to:

A human-centered corporate culture A clear strategic vision, reinforced by participatory leadership, which builds employee loyalty and strengthens their commitment A good working environment and team spirit The social contribution and commitment of the company with therapeutic progress for the benefit of patients A significant change in the working environment, thanks to new technologies

“Employees are our greatest asset. We are committed to providing you with a friendly and ethical work environment, based on trust, conducive to learning and professional development. We thank you for allowing us to obtain this certification, which contributes to the reputation of the Servier group ”, added Catherine Gaubil, Director of Human Resources at Servier Spain.

In 2020, six other Servier group subsidiaries obtained the Great Place to Work qualification in Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Turkey, South Korea, Central America and the Caribbean.

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