Green Card News: Native American Frontline Health Care Workers in Green Card Backlog Demonstrate at U.S. Capitol – U.S. Does Not Give Indian Health Workers Green Cards During Corona Period

Joe Biden’s response to the Indian community residing in the United States with high hopes following his assumption of the presidency. Frontline health workers of Indian descent staged a peaceful protest on Capitol Hill (Parliament), demanding the removal of the country quota for lawful permanent residence in the United States. The green card is officially called the permanent residence card.

This document is issued to expatriates living in the United States, which is proof that the cardholder has the right to stay in the country permanently. Indo-American doctors released a joint statement on Monday, saying it would take them more than 150 years to get a green card due to the current system of pending green card cases. Under the rule, more than seven percent of the population of any country are not allowed to give out employment-based green cards.

50% of Indians coming to work with H-1B visas
Doctors said, “India’s population is in crores, but the number of green cards given to its people is equal to the population of Iceland. There is no limit on H-1B visas and 50 percent of Indians who come here to work with H-1B visas are Indian. The gap between H-1B and Green Card lengthens the queue of certifiers and impacts our professional and personal lives.

Indian IT professionals are the most affected by this situation. He called on MP Joe Lofgren to submit a bipartisan proposal in this regard to address the issues of skilled professionals. Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr Namita Dhiman said: “The long wait for the green card has affected Front Front health workers and their families. They live in panic and fear. He said: “The US president should complete the list of green cards that have not been completed in recent years for frontline health workers by authorizing United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).” He said Kovid-19 had more ill effects.

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