Greencard Scope – US Citizenship Bill 2021

The 2021 Citizenship Bill, introduced by the Biden administration to the US Parliament last week, is another clear statement that the United States has taken the path of liberality and openness in denouncing the spirit bell tower. The bill is not only in favor of Indians holding H1-B visas, but also gives new hope to the millions of migrants who live there illegally. According to the bill, these illegal migrants will be considered eligible for a green card after spending five years in temporary status, and after three years, they will be able to apply for citizenship after leaving the police investigation and completing the regular tax. . It is believed that as soon as this bill passes, the path to US citizenship will be open to more than one crore of migrants. However, this is considered difficult at the moment as Democrats lack the required majority in the Senate. But the Biden administration is very serious about it and is also showing itself ready to openly consider some amendments to the bill. In such a situation, it will be clear in the coming weeks with which amendments, how many provisions of the bill are approved.

However, it is certain that this bill will provoke not only a heated debate in Parliament but also in American society. In recent years, a white American working class has been very vocal on issues like unemployment. He complains of having to bear the weight of policies that give preference to migrants. Some visa decisions during Trump’s reign were seen as an attempt to influence this section. It is very likely that this part of the lower middle class also sees this bill as an attack on their interests. But other than that, a big truth is that American society cannot move forward without migrants. He needs expatriates not only for small and inferior daily tasks, but also to stay one step ahead in science and technology. Qualified professionals and talented researchers from all over the world make it possible to be a leader in various fields. In this sense, the narrowness of being linked within its geographical borders today creates obstacles on the way each society moves forward. If any part of society feels insecure, there is a need to remove that insecurity, not to take advantage of it and develop policies accordingly. In introducing the citizenship bill, the Biden administration has indicated that it is correcting the policy direction. It remains to be seen how and to what extent it can achieve the goal of making these policies acceptable through healthy debate.

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