grenade as a sex toy: rumor of getting a grenade in Germany caused a stir, investigation revealed it was a sex toy – German police discovered grenade in forest, investigation by panic revealed it was a sex toy dildo

A woman jogging in Germany saw something like a transparent polyethylene grenade. After which, he informed the local police. Showing immediate activism, the police besieged the area and called the demining team. When the expert’s team searched this stuff with all fervor and safety, it turned out to be a sex toy in the form of a grenade.

The sensation spread because of a bomb found in the border area
This polyethylene was found in a forest outside the Bavarian city of Germany. The region is located near the Czech Republic and the borders of Austria. Therefore, the police did not suspect much. Bombs dating from World War II are frequently found all over Germany. Therefore, it was reported to the demining team stopping the movement of people in this area.

The pomegranate was visible from transparent polyethylene
The demining squad officers were also shocked to see this transparent polyethylene grenade shaped thing. She weighed her own safety suit weighing several kilograms and took the polyethylene to a safe place using a robot. However, during the investigation it turned out to be a grenade-shaped sex toy. Condoms and lubricants have also been found in this polyethylene.

Condoms were stored in electronic devices such as boxes
Condoms and lubricants were placed in device-like bins. Due to which the police were initially convinced that it was an explosive object. The police spokesperson told German news agency DPA that they suspected a man wanted to dump him in a deserted area instead of putting him in a trash can. More than 75 years after the end of World War II, bombings are rife in Germany.

A 500 kg bomb was found last week
Last week, during the construction of a house in the city of Mannheim, in southern Germany, a 500 kilogram bomb from World War II was discovered. It was dropped from a fighter plane, but it fell into the ground instead of exploding. Police later said the location where the bomb was found was the US Army base. Which was later defused.

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