Greta Thunberg: Kisan Andolan: Why Greta Thunberg removed the ‘toolbox’, many questions stemming from the Delhi police revelations – why Greta Thunberg removed the farmers protest toolbox, propaganda from the Foundation for Poetic Justice Against India

Strong points:

The police opened a conspiracy to defame India for the peasant movement, in several sections against the maker of the toolbox.
There has been an uproar since the disclosure of a strategy to surround India internationally with the peasant movement. In fact, on Wednesday, climate change activist Greta Thunberg tweeted a toolkit (handout). In which a plot has been hatched to surround the Modi government and defame India. However, Greta immediately deleted this tweet, seeing an upward trend. After that, on Thursday, Delhi police registered a complaint against the creator of this toolkit in several serious sections. Police also said at today’s press conference that a conspiracy was erupting against India. After which, questions were raised over the tweet from Greta Thunberg and American pop star Rihanna.

Delhi police open protest against India
Delhi Police, without naming environmental activist Greta Thanberg, said a document / ‘toolkit was downloaded from a particular social media account, this toolkit belongs to Poetic Justice’ , an organization associated with Khalistan. The Special Commissioner added: ‘This toolkit uploaded from a social media account calls for a digital strike on behalf of the Kisan movement. On January 26, physical action, tweet storm was said. If we look at the violence of January 26 and its surroundings, it shows that everything was done according to this plan in a comprehensive manner. This is a matter of concern for the Delhi police.

Poetic Justice Foundation leads anti-India program
The Poetic Justice Foundation of Canada has been running a program against India for many years. The president of this foundation is said to MO Dhariwal. There are also many anti-India articles available on this organization’s website. In fact, through this toolbox, Poetic Justice was plotting to incite the peasant movement. They say that this organization also has a lot of political influence in Canada. Many Sikh MPs from Canada are also believed to be associated with this organization.

Plan to discredit India internationally
In the contested toolkit that Greta Thunberg tweeted, there were plans to discredit India on the peasant movement. From time to time, many people who were running an anti-India program also made changes. In fact, there are many countries around the world that are plotting to discredit India’s domestic issue by internationalizing it. A similar attempt was made in the case of Shaheen Bagh and the CAA-NRC.

Greta Thenberg on Delhi Police FIR – No Threat Can Discourage Me, Always With Farmers
What was written in Greta’s controversial toolbox?
In her tweet, Greta also tweeted an anti-India document, in which the plan was to direct an international agenda against the Modi government and India. In this, people were invited to join the movement in maximum numbers and share the photo-video. Not only that, a digital strike was also planned on social media platforms. How to put pressure on the Indian government was also planned. All of these things have been written in this when and where to happen toolkit with Indian embassies abroad. There were also plans to hold protests in front of media houses, government buildings and Adani-Ambani offices. On February 4 and 5, it was planned to create a heckling on Twitter to highlight things, hashtags and images related to the peasant movement. For this, photos, video messages must be sent before February 5th.

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