Greta Thunberg on Delhi Police FIR – no threat can put me off, always with farmers – response from Greta Thunberg on Delhi Police Fir to tweets about farmers protests

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Greta Thanberg reacts strongly to Delhi police FIR: she still supports peaceful protests with farmers, trolled over sharing anti-India document Greta, police deposed Kesanarway
Climate change activist Greta Thunberg once again supported the peasant movement after Delhi police FIR against her. She tweeted that I am always on the side of the farmers and support their peaceful protest. Hatred, intimidation or human rights violations cannot change this.

Accused of criminal conspiracy and disturbance of social harmony
Let us know that on Thursday Delhi Police filed an FIR accusing Greta Thanberg of criminal conspiracy and disturbing social harmony. An FIR has been registered under Articles 153A and 120B of the IPC on Thanberg Greta, who is from Sweden. Delhi police have seen several of his tweets against Greta, which are labeled arsonists.

Thanberg tweeted
Greta Thunberg tweeted on Tuesday that we are united in the peasant movement in India. He also tagged a CNN headline, “India Shuts Down Internet Service Around New Delhi Amid Clashes With Protestant Farmers And Police”. Not only that, in another tweet he also shared an alleged document on the Kisan movement, in which a plan was written to support the movement.

Who is Greta Thanberg
Greta Thunberg is known as the key player in the fight against the climate crisis. He won hearts with his speeches on several occasions. Apart from that, his war on Twitter was also discussed a lot with Donald Trump. In December 2020, the 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist was named 2019’s Person of the Year by the prestigious Time magazine.

Tweeted a document against India
In her tweet, Greta also tweeted an anti-India document, in which the plan was to direct an international agenda against the Modi government and India. In this, people were invited to join the movement in maximum numbers and share the photo-video. Not only that, a digital strike was also planned on social media platforms. How to put pressure on the Indian government was also planned.

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