Greta Thunberg on NASA’s Mars Mission: Greta Thunberg News: Greta Thunberg, Now on NASA’s Mars Mission, Targets Rich Countries – NASA Perseverance rover Greta Thunberg posts satirical Mars tourism ad for the most rich

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Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg has now flown on NASA’s Mars mission. Hangta Thanberg ran an ad for the witty planet Mars, stating that Earth is struggling with climate change and needs to be protected from Stockholm.
Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who has come into the limelight by sharing the toolkit of the farmers’ movement in India, has now flown on NASA’s Mars mission. Greta posted an ad for the tourism crunch on Mars. He said our Earth is grappling with climate change and governments and space agencies are spending billions of rupees traveling to another planet.

Greta shared a low-key video on Mars, which is only one percent. He advised this group to leave the earth and 99% of the people here to be able to solve the problem of climate change. The video shows the planet shrinking, Mars is a place where no one has touched the ground and is waiting for people to start new lives without worrying about climate change.
Greta Thunberg, President of the United States on the march to defeat, laughed at her in Donald Trump’s language
NASA spent two billion 700 million dollars on rover
Explain that NASA’s Perseverance Rover is about to land on the surface of Mars. NASA spent two billion 700 million dollars on this rover. NASA has sent its Perseverance mission to Mars, which will collect this information and test the technology to find a way to send humans to Mars in the times to come. Most important in this area will be to find a way to make oxygen in the atmosphere of Mars. The device named MOXIE was installed in this rover which will try to produce oxygen.
Scientists have found that the bacteria that laid the groundwork for humans to settle on Mars will do this job
Greta shared a toolkit on the peasant movement
Greta shared a “toolbox” while supporting the ongoing peasant movement in India. Delhi Police have registered a case regarding this toolkit. Climate activist Disha Ravi was arrested in Bengaluru for editing and sharing a ‘toolbox’ related to farmers’ performance. A toolkit is a type of document that contains detailed suggestions for reporting a problem and taking action on it. Normally, volunteers participating in a campaign or major movement receive direction. Its purpose is to guide a specific class or target audience to work in the field.

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