Greta Thunberg’s farmers protest in India

Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg also came to support the ongoing peasant movement in India. Greta, 18, tweeted that we are in full solidarity with the performance of farmers running in India. Previously, the American singer Rihanna also supported the peasant movement. He said why we don’t talk about it. These two celebrities are now being hunted for farmer violence.

Greta and Rihanna shared the news of an internet ban in areas adjacent to Delhi due to violent protests by farmers. His tweet has retweeted around 30,000 people to date. At the same time, many people remind them of the violence of farmers. Mr. Sinha wrote: “Children first learn to walk upright and finish their studies”.
Now the United Nations support for the peasant movement, said: “Right to peaceful demonstration”
‘Greta this is shameful and malicious behavior’
Surbhi wrote that these farmers wanted to riot in the nation’s capital. Many police officers were injured in their violence. Either you received false information or you believe in this violence. It is shameful and repulsive behavior. Explain that after the violent Republic Day tractor parade in Delhi, the internet was banned in many places on the border between Haryana and UP. Last Friday, after a massive uproar at the Singhu border, the Haryana government banned internet service in 14 districts by taking action.

Greta tweets to support the farmers’ movement

Previously, Greta Thunberg supported the postponement of the JEE, NEET 2020 exam in India. He said it was unfair to ask Indian children to come for the exam amid the Corona crisis and severe flooding. I support the call to postpone these children. Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg was named 2019 Person of the Year by prestigious Time magazine.

Greta attacked powerful leaders around the world
Greta entered the limelight this year when she accused powerful leaders around the world of failing to deal with greenhouse gas emissions and thus betraying the next generation. UN chief Antonio Gutaras was also present at the event. Greta also made headlines when she refused to accept an environmental award. He said the need in the climate campaign is for people in power to start following science instead of giving prizes.

The magazine wrote when Greta was voted “Person of the Year”: “Within a year, a 16-year-old girl from Stockholm demonstrated in front of her country’s parliament and then led a youth movement across the world.” The magazine wrote that he was fortunate enough to meet the head of the United Nations at such a short notice, when his sources included the president of various countries as well as the Pope.

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