Grimes NFT: Elon Musk Girlfriend Selling Artwork Grimes on NFT: Elon Musk’s Girlfriend Selling NFT Artwork

Recently, a 10 second video of Donald Trump was discussed, bought by a collector for ₹ 49 lakhs, then sold for ₹ 48 crore. The NFT (non-fungible token) by which it was sold also made a significant income from the famous Singer Grimes. Elon Musk’s partner Grimes sold his WarNymph digital art collection on February 28 for 42 million rupees in 20 minutes.

Grimes announced it on Twitter. They decided to donate part of these revenues to Carbon 180, an NGO working to reduce carbon emissions.

What is in the artwork?

What’s in the photos?
One of the collections was the Picture of a Child Guarding Mars, which sold in 10 minutes for Rs 2.1 crore. People guessed that this child was grooming Grimes and Musk’s son. However, Grimes describes her as “Goddess of neo-genesis” (goddess of neo-creation). The collection features an image of a child with wings in space, and some photographs are associated with Grimes’ music.

One of them is Earth which presents their song “Ærythe” which has not yet been released. “Mars” has “Mars Theme” and “Death of the Elder” has Anhedonia. “Death of the Old” was last sold for around 3 crore on Monday.

10 seconds video of Donald Trump bought for ₹ 49 lakhs sold for ₹ 48 crore! Know, what is this new NFT trend?
What is NFT?
NFT is a type of digital asset that is operational during KOVID-19. The special thing is that people and investors interested in the digital world spend money on such things which are only online. “Non-fungible” is used for items that cannot be exchanged.

Former US President Donald Trump is lying on the grass in a park-like location in a 10-second video. Many slogans were taken from his body, of which “Looser” is written quite abundantly. In the video, people walk out in front of them and no one is paying attention.

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