Groom accuses Sánchez of “corrupting” the figure of forgiveness and Montero of ugly of Colón’s photo

Pablo Casado again indicted Pedro Sánchez on Tuesday for possible pardons to prisoners of the process of independence of Catalonia. The leader of the PP rejects the government’s arguments in favor of their agreement to open a stage of concord and assures that “they are not the end of a process”.

“They are the beginning. The beginning of a new radical push intended to make believe that the Constitution was in reality only a simple transitional provision while waiting to be developed at the will of nationalism and the radical left”, and added that they “pay a political price” and stay in power.

The opposition leader also attacked the Prime Minister for calling for “concord” to “this obscure operation” which, according to him, is “the grotesque manipulation of values ​​to put them at the service of the lowest ends”.

“They corrupt the figure of forgiveness and the institutional role of the Presidency of the Government to pay the political price with the patrimony of all for the benefit of Sánchez himself; against the law, against his own word and in favor of those who have only tried to submit to society to its blackmail, ”he declared.

In this context, Casado rejects that the “terminal government” is, as he said, “the hostage of those who want to destroy Spain” and considers that these pardons aim to “minimize the seriousness” of the holding of ‘a referendum against the law and are the “preliminary step to erasing the crime”.

Asked about this issue during the press conference after the Council of Ministers, the minister spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, once again defended that the government will act according to constitutional values ​​and in favor of reconciliation.

In addition, he indicated that “the Ministry of Justice will have to argue the reasons for which one or the other decision is proposed” on the pardons. “The rule of law is strong and aims at the general interest which governs the decisions of the government”, he declared.

On the reform of the crime of sedition planned by the Executive, Montero admitted that it is being carried out “in parallel”: “I do not mean that when they arrive at the Council of Ministers they arrive at the same time or we arrive more early on, I say that they are already working in parallel, as the Minister of Justice said.

Regarding the dialogue table with Catalonia, “highlight that there are two governments where they designate the people who will go and therefore advance their presence when there has not been a bilateral meeting between the president of the government and the President of the Generalitat is premature and speculative. ” “The government is reaching out for its convocation from day one,” he said.

Groom removes iron at protest with Vox

The PP leader also blamed a “weather balloon” from Moncloa for the photo debate with Vox during the demonstration called by the Unión 78 platform in the Plaza de Colón in Madrid against pardons.

Thus, he minimized the effect of coincidence with Vox in the demonstration, he considers that it is irrelevant for a party to join the call for a citizen platform, and even asserted that it would have ” shame “to have photos with Bildu.

Casado censored the “distribution of democratic cards” which he said takes place with the debate of this demonstration and criticized the government for the cards being distributed by “moderates and democrats”.

Minister Montero explained that “there will be no flag of any political formation linked to the PSOE” in the protest of Colón and criticized that it is repeated: “I thought it was left for history , it seemed to me little to think that PP, Ciudadanos and Vox repeat the photo of Colón “.

Thus, he stressed that the new photo is an act “not very serious” and recalled that “this attitude has already been answered at the polls”: “Everything cannot be politicized, the president does not hide anything and hears solving the problems. who are not, they have been by right-wing parties ”.

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