Groupe PSA supports the training of young students

The students of Salesianos La Almunia will have, since December 2020, several microscopes, their accessories, programmable controllers and other materials and quality measurement tools offered by the Zaragoza plant.

BY RRHH Digital, 14:23 – 27 December 2020

The Zaragoza plant considers technical training in automotive-related sectors to be essential to find professionals with high levels of qualification who will be effectively integrated into the world of work in the future. For this reason, it offers internships, end-of-year projects and scholarships to university and professional students. In addition, to contribute and support technical training, it makes disused material available to universities and VET centers that the centers consider very useful for the training of their students.

This week, the Vocational and Intermediate Training Center of Colegio Salesianos La Almunia received disused parts and equipment from the department. quality standards that perfectly serve young students to practice in their classrooms. Thus, from this month, the center will have several microscopes, their accessories, projectors, gauges and durometers, sets of wicks and heads, among other materials donated by the Aragonese factory.

This is the first donation of material from the Quality Department and more material will soon be delivered to the University of Zaragoza.

During the imprisonment, 100 laptops were delivered with their software installed to ensure distance education.

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