Growing demand for housing increases vacancies in real estate and construction by 26%

Growing demand for housing increases vacancies in real estate and construction by 26%

Despite the impact of the pandemic, there are many months in which great dynamism has been observed in the real estate sector, especially since the end of the lockdown. This dynamism continued over the following months and was also localized in the first quarter of 2021, thanks to the increase in demand mainly for the purchase of new housing.

“One of the biggest challenges facing the real estate industry after the impact of the 2020 pandemic is having the capacity to meet the new and significant housing demand that has arisen. This growth in real estate job vacancies at InfoJobs indicates that the sector’s behavior is adequate and in line with new demands over time. We hope that this creation of new jobs is one of the means by which our sector can contribute to the recovery of the economy ”, comments Mara Matos, director of studies and spokesperson for Fotocasa.

The report “Half a Year of a Pandemic: Impact on the Real Estate Sector” published by Fotocasa concludes that, despite the ravages of covid-19, the intention to buy or rent housing was still at high levels. The confinement sparked the interest of many Spaniards for a change of housing and demand shifted to the outskirts in search of larger spaces and houses with outdoor spaces. Indeed, the Fotocasa study showed that in a few months the demand for homes to buy rose from 39% before the lockout, to 43% a few months later. This dynamism that the sector has experienced in recent months has also been accompanied by an increase in job offers in the sector, another sign of the boom in activity on the real estate market.

Thus, by analyzing the evolution of the number of jobs offered by professional category in the InfoJobs job portal, we observe an upward trend in the number of vacant positions in the real estate market category, which since January 2021 has not recorded any decrease. . Indeed, in March 2021, there were 3,932 vacant positions in real estate and construction, which is 139% more than the same month of the previous year (1,647 in 2020).

According to Mnica Prez, communications director at InfoJobs: “There is no doubt that the recent growth in the real estate and construction sector is good news. In any case, we cannot forget that it was in mid-March 2020 that the state of alert and house arrest were declared. So, it is also normal that the current vacancy rates improve considerably compared to a year ago, we are still in a pandemic, but economic activity is starting to recover ”.

More candidates to enter to work in the sector

With regard to the number of registered candidates by professional category, there is also a growing tendency for individuals to register for offers related to the “Real estate and construction” category. Thus, in March, the number of registered candidates increased by 66.2% compared to the previous year.

Taking into account the jobs that appear in the InfoJobs #LosProfesionalesMsDemandados ranking, we can see that in February 2021 the position of real estate agent (considered in the professional category of commercial and sales) went from occupying the sixth position in the ranking to to be placed in third place, a post which it also maintained during the month of March with 8,589 vacant positions. The real estate agent position passes in front of the delivery man, storekeeper and salesperson, who previously collected more jobs on offer.

Telemarketers, Sales Representatives and Real Estate Agents are the top three most requested positions in InfoJobs during the months of February and March 2021. Regarding the commercial area, and as noted in the “Recruitment Needs Report” , 43% of companies assure that they currently need more sales profiles to revive the activity of the company, a logical request given the general decline in sales in the most difficult months of the pandemic.

If we analyze the data by Autonomous Communities, we also observe how, over the months, the position of real estate agent occupies an increasingly high place in the ranking. Indeed, in 12 of the 17 Spanish autonomous communities, the position of real estate agent occupies the top 3 of the ranking of #LosProfesionalesMsDemandados.

Regarding the most demanded positions in the category “Real estate and construction”, in addition to the real estate agent, we find other professionals such as electrician, plumber and carpenter.

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