Grup Montaner consolidates its leadership in the Onboarding Selection service, despite the COVID crisis

Grup Montaner consolidates its leadership in the Onboarding Selection service, despite the COVID crisis

Grup Montaner, a leading holding company in human resources services, manages to invoice € 72.2 million in 2020 despite the pandemic, which is only 4% less than the target set. Therefore, the invoicing of this exercise is a success in such a difficult year. In 2019, the group achieved a turnover of € 82.8 million, becoming one of the FT1000 companies that have grown the most in Europe according to the Financial Times.

Out of the 2020 turnover of € 72.2 million, € 68.3 million corresponds to the activity in Spain and € 3.9 million to Andorra and France. On the national territory, 45% are concentrated in Catalonia, thus consolidating its leadership as a leading HR company in its sector of activity. 2020 was a year of changes, adaptation and improvement in all of its businesses: Montaner & Asociados (specialized in Onboarding selection, advice and change management), Temporary Quality (temporary work) and TQ Servicios ( subcontracting).

In the year Covid-19, Montaner & Asociados, consolidates its consulting services, with more weight in the online, in change management and Onboarding selection, which consists in guaranteeing the successful integration of Executives, Middle Managers and technicians by accompanying the selected person from 30 to 45 days. Montaner & A’s selection and advisory teams are involved in this project. The service, adapted to the online environment, ensures that the new profile is integrated with the business purpose and business objectives of the client who initiated the selection process. Over the past two years, more than 150 managerial profiles have successfully integrated into client companies.

Quality, a business specializing in temporary work, has been reinforced in the food sector (mainly in chronicles, cold pastry and bakery), logistics (“last mile”) and e-commerce. In 2020, Quality achieved a turnover of € 37.8 million.

It was an important year for the temporary employment service, since, given the constant variables that the market has undergone, it has become one of the best options for companies: they offer flexibility, 24/7 service, immediacy, digitization and maximum security. conformity.

For its part, the outsourcing business, TQ Servicios, has focused its efforts on the application of Health and Safety protocols in the centers where it operates and on offering advice to clients to take care of their health. companies. TQ Servicios’ strategic sectors are logistics and transport, and food (especially in the chronic and frozen sectors), all reinforced after the year Covid-19, in which € 29.9 million was invoiced.

“Our main objective for 2020 was to increase our margins, assuming a lower turnover than in 2019. It was a risky decision but it turned out to be correct. We want to optimize our processes and continue to work on risk minimization, strengthen the leadership of our brands and not lose sight of who the people are, ”explains Joan Montaner, Group CEO. “I am happy to be able to say that in a year of pandemic and hardship, we have bet on people, both for the health and well-being of our employees and to provide free advice and counseling. to our customers, thus becoming the strategic partner that we want to be. Something I am very proud of ”.

Grup Montaner as a partner of its customers

Providing added value (anticipation, analysis and empathy) to become the definitive partner of its customers was one of the strategic objectives of the company for 2020 and, in this case, the pandemic helped to achieve it. The uncertainty generated by the confinement, the constant changes in security measures, the global health situation and ERTES have destabilized many companies.

To do this, a strategy based on two pillars has been developed. On the one hand, a hygienic pillar, focused on health and safety. The speed with which the Health and Safety department of Grup Montaner designed and applied the measures in the company itself, allowed the development of protocols that it was able to share and implement in the work centers, which have enabled the ORP departments of its clients to develop. theirs. Additionally, the group was certified during the pandemic as a Covid-19 safe zone across all of its brands.

In a second, more strategic pillar, the Montaner & Asociados brand offered free online advice through its experts on topics of interest in the HR sector. On the one hand, during private one-to-one sessions with their clients, but also in online workshops (called “ MontanerLABS ”) for small groups of managers, with the aim of helping managers to ensure good leadership of their remote teams. On the other hand, strategic collaboration alliances have been concluded with institutions such as PIMEC, the Navarra Marketing Association, among others.

Next goal: to be the HR company everyone wants to work for

One of the strategic goals for 2023 is to become the human resources company where everyone wants to work. Family business, focused on services to medium and large SMEs, which take care of their employees.

The Covid-19, in addition to putting the company to the test, allowed it to move forward in this objective. Some of the actions carried out under this goal last year were:

Distribute bonuses to the 70 employees who make up the structural group (central services and interim offices) for having reached the new billing and margin target set after childbirth. In addition to the variable that each employee had already set at the start of the year, he received a bonus for his efforts and his involvement in such a complicated year. A help which, in addition, reached profiles which had never had a variable before. While on call, a financial assistance commitment has been put in place for employees who, due to ERTE, do not reach the minimum inter-professional wage. Grup Montaner was one of the first companies in the sector to prepare a remote work plan, also designed among all the employees of the structure. The model consists of telecommuting for 4 days at home and 1 at the office in the case of central service employees, and 3 days at the office and 2 at home in the case of temporary work offices. In 2020 and 2021, employees will also receive a bonus to help them meet the expenses related to this new working method. The model has 89% satisfaction among employees. In a year marked by the pandemic, accidents in temporary work centers and subcontracting centers were reduced by 30%; 50% less over the past 3 years. For 2021, the Impulse program has been reconfigured, a personal development program that aims to empower talent through self-assessment. From now on, Impulso will also be the tool for setting the variable remuneration which concerns all the staff of the structure. Quantitative and qualitative objectives agreed between the employee and his manager will be assigned.

The Climate 2020 study reflects the best result of the last 4 years

2020 was the year in which the best climate result of the last 4 years was obtained since the start of the surveys in 2017. A score of 74% out of 100 was reached. Within companies in the sector, Grup Montaner is positioned with results above the market average, set at 69%.

The most notable aspects of the last report were leadership and organizational effectiveness, which are the areas that have progressed the most. The first of them, supported by the effort that team leaders and managers made during Covid-19, managing their teams remotely.

As aspects of improvement, a greater investment in training and career development is detected, both foreseen in the Impulse 2021 program.

In conclusion, the results confirm that the remote working model that was applied in September 2020 works and is very well accepted by employees.

8,826 people employed in 2020

In total, this last year, despite the irregularities, ended with a volume of more than 22,000 hires (high social security) and 7,785 people were employed at Grup Montaner. Among these employed persons, 6,744 correspond to the interim and 1,041 make up the personnel of the Structure (central services) and of outsourcing.

“Our vision is to be a leader in providing opportunities for success to people and businesses, so it is very important for us to grow steadily and ensure the best conditions in all of our services,” says Joan Montaner, Managing Director of group.

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