Grup Montaner improves employee experience with the design of its own employee journey

Grup Montaner improves employee experience with the design of its own employee journey

Grup Montaner, a holding company of expert human resource service companies, has designed its own employee journey, which will be applied to anyone who begins to be part of one of the HR holding company brands: Montaner & Asociados , Quality and TQ Servicios, with in order to improve your experience from day one.

In recent times, and since the turning point that the arrival of Covid-19 has caused in companies, there has been a lot of talk about the importance of taking care and valuing people. Grup Montaner is clear on this and that is really its raison d’être. Indeed, one of the main axes of the company is to put people at the center. For this reason, and in all the changes experienced, the human value of the company has been highlighted, taking it into account for any new decision, such as the creation of a new remote working model, and in constantly informing him of the evolution of the company.

One of the aspects that we have worked on recently to improve the experience of the people who are part of the company, after a work of analysis and reflection, was the creation of the Employee Journey itself, composed of five steps . These steps are generally common in other companies; What’s interesting is that it’s a journey that requires a series of elements (HR practices) that can make it a satisfying and easy-to-follow journey.

In the talent roadmap of Grup Montaner and each of its brands, these 5 steps are followed:


This first step begins with registering the person for the job offer, from sending their CV to the personal interview.


In this second phase, at Grup Montaner, a declaration is issued to all staff informing of the new incorporation so that they know from day one who will be their new partner. In this file, there is data such as your position, your last experiences and training, and personal data such as your hobbies.

At this point, in addition, information is also given on the induction plan and onboarding plan, a service created to provide personalized treatment and support to new employees.


In the development phase, the person is invited to participate in Impulso, a program which aims to motivate the progression of the talent of Grup Montaner. How? ‘Or’ What? It is a tool created and designed especially for personal development, so that the person himself is empowered to lead his growth.


In the event that a new job opportunity opens up within the company, the workers themselves will always be notified first in case they wish to apply for this vacancy before making it public. This is something that is explained from the start, so people are aware of this possibility in case they want to apply for a position within their department or want to know about another.


In the event of disengagement, one of the priorities should always be to analyze and know in detail what has been the experience of that person in each context and situation of the company. This way, you can know what memories you have from your experience and what aspects can help you improve as a business. There are times when the mentoring process begins between the person leaving the company and the person joining.

The Employee Path is therefore a tool that allows employees to ensure a specific path and, from there, to design the most positive experiences within the organization, throughout their cycle within it.

In addition, within each phase of the Employee Journey, the modules that can be associated with each of them are identified so that people know at all times on which specific aspects are being worked on: DPT and Results Card, Remuneration Policy, Training plan, Health and safety profession, internal communication, administration / work, work climate, relocation, remote work and selection protocol.

“We have a very clear objective, to generate opportunities for success for people and companies. To this end, we join our values ​​and our strategy and the route that best demonstrates it is this. It’s a very visual way of conveying to the people who start working with us a message and a clear and transparent picture of the way forward in the company ”, explains Xavier Hernndez, Global Director of Services at Montaner & Asociados. “This path, and its components, vary according to each company, and it is precisely for this reason that it is important that each have their“ Employee Path ”as a factor in attracting talent.

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