Grup Montaner launches ‘Opportunitas’, a short documentary that gives voice to the protagonists of this crisis

Grup Montaner launches ‘Opportunitas’, a short documentary that gives voice to the protagonists of this crisis

Grup Montaner, holding of experts in human resources services, presents “Opportunitas”, a short film in which its employees and clients tell about the challenges they have encountered this year, how they have overcome them and the opportunities they await in 2021.

The film gives the point of view of how each person experienced the pandemic according to their profile and the market sector in which they operate, since, in one way or another, the protagonists are part of certain of the most affected in 2020: logistics, food (chronicle), robotics, tourism and services. It is a story of surpassing not only Grup Montaner but also a reflection of all the people who have experienced challenges and unexpected situations this year and who have stood out.

Some of the Grup Montaner clients who participated in this narration are Stubli, a mechatronic solutions company, with testimonials from Jordi Dez, CEO, and Sandra Cabanillas, Director of Human Resources; Pastisfred, member of the Hofred Traditional Pastry Group, with Anna Madurell, Director of Human Resources; and Axel Hotels, a heterogeneous hotel chain, via Albert Oliv, its CEO.

This short documentary reflects above all one of the values ​​of the company: to overcome. Because, although it was a complicated year, in which situations that involved great challenges were experienced, they turned into small successes and new opportunities. Collaborators, customers, candidates and suppliers bring the viewer closer to his reality and how he was able to face it thanks to the support of his colleagues and partners.

“This year full of challenges, we would like to thank all the people who have helped us continue to offer opportunities for success by showing their testimonials”, explains Joan Montaner, CEO of Grup Montaner. “They have all been an example of improvement, and thanks to all of the people who make up the company and what we have learned together this year, we will face 2021 with strength.”

The documentary takes its name from the Latin term “ Opportunitats ” (“ ob portus ”, to arrive at the port), which is also the name recently adopted by the company’s crisis committee until then, with the aim to remember that each crisis is the origin of an opportunity.



Jordi Dez, CEO of Stubli
Sandra Cabanillas, HR Director at Stubli
Anna Madurell, Director of Human Resources at Pastisfred
Albert Oliv, CEO of Axel Hotels

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