Grupo Adecco and Fundacin CEU, united to promote employability in Andalusia

Grupo Adecco and Fundacin San Pablo Andaluca CEU recently signed a collaboration agreement to promote employability in Andalusia. It is the commitment of the two entities to work together for the improvement of the productive fabric and the contribution to employment in our region, betting at all times for the economic and social development of Andalusia.

This agreement was signed by the southern territorial director of Adecco, Roco Cardona Peraza, and the general director of CEU Andaluca, Juan Carlos Hernndez Buades. They were accompanied to the cabinet by Blas Rivero Moreno, head of the SPP in Western Andalusia and Extremadura from Adecco; Jaime Javier Domingo Martnez, Director of Market Development at CEU Andaluca; and Juan Manuel Rodrguez Gonzlez-Cordero, head of the business management department of CEU Andaluca. During their visit to the CEU Campus, they had the opportunity to learn about its facilities and current projects, as well as the lines of work in the different training centers and areas of knowledge in which CEU works, exchanging impressions on possible initiatives. to be promoted in the coming months., and which reinforce the main objective of this synergy between the two entities.

Among the first actions, the promotion and overhaul of the CEU Andaluca Employment Orientation Center – jointly by the two institutions – with the aim of facilitating the access of CEU students to the labor market in the best conditions. Count on expert professionals who know how to respond to the current needs of the commercial fabric and the concerns of graduate students.

In this sense, the two entities will proactively facilitate the adaptation of each profile and its orientation towards a perfectly segmented labor market, which will make it possible to obtain – they ensure – high degrees of incorporation of professionals.

This service, in addition to personalized support, includes skills training and training – beyond the regulated – to position yourself successfully in a changing and uncertain professional environment. The aim – they explain – is to provide students with knowledge, through the analysis of their own personal abilities and skills, which enable them to improve their careers, as well as to help them learn about trends in the work environment and the future of work, which positions are in most demand, which tend to disappear, etc. also provide them with the tools to deal with their integration into the labor market.

Likewise, and within the framework of this collaboration, the two institutions are committed to working together on other projects aimed at contributing to the improvement of employability and training for academic and professional excellence, by cooperating with the Andalusian economic fabric to successfully face the challenges and opportunities that the new socio-economic situation arises.

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