Grupo Castilla makes access to salaries more flexible thanks to a new digital and innovative service for employees

Grupo Castilla makes access to salaries more flexible thanks to a new digital and innovative service for employees

Grupo Castilla, a technology and knowledge company in human resources, launches an innovative new digital service for all employees of its customers. This new module provides real-time access to the salary already worked thanks to the alliance with Wagestream, the leading English startup in its segment. This innovative service in the form of an application will allow working people to benefit from their salary at any time of the month, thanks to requests formulated in a very simple, immediate and autonomous way.

This is a very innovative and transformative initiative in people management, as it allows us to offer a solution to the end customer that combines the technological strengths of both companies (HCM-Human Capital Management and Fintech, respectively).

Wagestream, founded in 2018 in London by Peter Briffett and Portman Wills for social purposes, is a FinTech whose mission is to provide better financial health to employees and enable them to plan, save and access their income in real time, as well as Release the pressures of the monthly payroll cycle. Its founders and patrons include Anglo-Saxon organizations such as Fair By Design and Big Society Capital committed to a fairer future for work.

The new service comes at a much needed time for many individuals and families. Specifically, Wagestream’s own studies ensure that 77% of users feel less stressed, 43% have not had to apply for a loan and 38% have avoided getting into debt. Thanks to this service, moreover, staff motivation is increased, the feeling of belonging to the organization improves and absenteeism is reduced.

Hugo Olaizola, CEO of Wagestream Espaa, assures us that “I am confident that this alliance will facilitate the financial stability of thousands of people, especially in these times, and improve the health and well-being of the workforce. This will promote a more positive opinion of the company they work for, after using this new service or simply knowing that they have it within their reach ”.

For his part, Carles Castilla, CEO of Grupo Castilla, adds that “we are delighted to start this 2021, a key year for the relaunch of the country, by reflecting on and working on initiatives that help people management professionals, with new tools for the emotional well-being of its employees. Alliances like this strengthen the commitment of the two companies for Corporate Social Responsibility actions ”.

The Wagestream service will soon be available exclusively to all Grupo Castilla customers who have their payroll and human resources management solution. With this alliance, Grupo Castilla strengthens its focus on people and offers new resources to Spanish organizations to contribute to the process of social, commercial and economic reactivation.

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