Grupo Eulen, an example of business management facing Covid-19

Juan Ramn Prez Sancho – CEO and Executive General Manager of the company – was invited by ESADE to present his vision, strategies and solutions against COVID launched and carried out by the company.

BY RRHHDigital, 05:00 – 09 February 2021

The Eulen Group, leader in Spain in the provision of business services, and fulfilling its objective of offering innovative services to society that provide useful and quality solutions, has been selected by the prestigious ESADE Business School to talk about management business during the pandemic.

Thus, Juan Ramn Prez Sancho -CEO and Executive Director General of Grupo EULEN- was invited to make a presentation explaining the vision, strategies and solutions implemented by the company to face the crisis derived from COVID-19 .

The manager of the company discussed the keys to the success of the Group’s management: anticipation, agility in making and executing decisions, their immediate application to customers (including new specific services against COVID-19 ) and commitment to the entire human team that makes up the Group. .

To comment in more detail on the communication and brand image strategy that has been carried out during these months, both with customers and employees and society in general, there was also the participation of Gema Ardura Godoy – Marketing and Communication Director of EULEN- Group.

The presentation was given to the students of the ESADE Corporate MBA, all leaders of important companies, very interested in the presented case, which resulted in a successful participation.

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