Grupo Eulen creates a pioneering virtual digital transformation room in the business environment

Grupo Eulen creates a pioneering virtual digital transformation room in the business environment

The EULEN group, leader in our country in the provision of business services, and fulfilling its objective of offering society specialized and innovative services that provide useful and quality solutions, has created a pioneering virtual digital transformation room in the environment. , an open, innovative, disruptive and co-creation space.

In the words of Juan Ramn Prez Sancho – Executive General Manager of Grupo EULEN-, “this project was born with the firm desire to offer our customers a value proposition integrating technology into services, which brings us a differentiating. It is also the result of a vision of 4 years ago, when enabling technologies became an increasingly common reality in many daily processes and the impact they would sooner or later have on people. production and business process made itself felt “.

Objectives of the virtual digital transformation room

This new space consists of several corners dedicated to the implementation or facilitation of digital transformation technologies such as: Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT), united in AIOT, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Robotics, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, etc. .

With all of them, the company seeks to promote the integration of digital culture into its processes, both internally and with its customers; define and implement technological projects to improve processes for its customers; and create for all the professionals of the EULEN Group an innovative open environment, transversal to all the operations and processes of the company, where they learn and work in a “Learningbydoing” model.

The Digital Transformation Room is led by the EULEN Auxiliary Services business line and EULEN Business University (UCE), within its management class.

According to Guillermo Prez Morales, Commercial Technical Director of the EULEN Group and the leader and promoter of the project: “The Room is committed to Digital Culture for business professionals, in an era of physical distancing but which requires narrow digital skills , where digital skills are essential to be able to successfully face the challenges of the environment ”.

For Amparo Snchez, director of training for the company, “it is a meeting place and visibility for the company’s Digital Talent, which allows people to be better professionals, since thanks to the new room they will acquire skills which will enrich their work with profiles ”.

The room is part of the offer of the Enterprise University EULEN (UCE), within its digital transformation class, and which in the future will create a physical replica in its face-to-face facilities in Madrid.

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