Grupo Piero relies on Oracle technology to progress in the intelligent management of its supply chain

Grupo Piero relies on Oracle technology to progress in the intelligent management of its supply chain

Grupo Piero, a Spanish tourism company with more than 40 years of history with 14,000 rooms in 27 establishments and a workforce of 15,000 professionals, has relied on Oracle technology to advance intelligent management of its supply chain (SCM).

The hotel group needed to have comprehensive control over what went in and out of its warehouses to gain efficiency and streamline procurement costs. Traditionally, the company used isolated billing applications that no longer met the expectations of a large hotel chain with very high movement of goods as raw material for restaurants (in which, for example, 25,000 chicken eggs are consumed per day. ), equipment, bedding, towels, employee uniforms, etc.

“Let’s start with the purchasing processes that required efficiency and automation and achieving this was only possible by modifying the technology that supported these processes,” says Mateo Ramn Sastre, director of information systems for the Piero group and CEO of PGH, the group’s IT company. . “We need to automate processes such as pair replenishment,” he says.

To resolve the situation, the managers of the hotel group considered setting up a system that would allow them to manage the movement of products from their warehouses on the spot. In addition, the new tool must give agility to your purchasing processes (eliminate paperwork and signatures), guarantee the traceability of all processes and, in short, help optimize decision-making.

Given its relationship of trust with Oracle, Grupo Piero opted for the company’s technology to automate the management of its supplies. “Oracle, with whom we have worked for years, has gone from being a technology provider to being a solution partner for our organization,” says Mateo Ramn.

Several Oracle Fusion modules were implemented in the cloud – inventory, purchasing, planning and budgeting – which made it possible to automate all the procedures related to the supply chain and purchase orders, as well as knowing, at any time, what quantities of the products are in stock, the warehouse to, for example, define menus and avoid acquiring again what you already have or, if necessary, automatically launch new supply orders. This had a positive impact on budget control and optimized inventory management.

“By automating the entire part of the order, we eliminated the manual approval process and, in addition, we stopped printing some 45,000 order sheets in the first few months, which made us feel better. helped increase productivity, efficiency and reduce costs, ”emphasizes the manager.

Automate processes to drive business

With Oracle’s purchasing and warehousing app, “we have automated processes with an eye on the business. Now the budget influences the process, automatically authorizing without the intervention of the manager, ”says Mateo Ramn. “Around the purchasing application, we have created a consulting team within IT which is dedicated more to business than to technology and which, supported by the team of Oracle consultants and its partner Arin, made it possible, via the APIs of the tool, to integrate it with our processes, ”he adds.

Thanks to technology, Grupo Piero has reduced its references from 45,000 to 9,200. In addition, Mateo Ramn affirms, “We have created an application which, connected to the APIs of the warehouse, allows us to automate the reception and the entry of the received goods in a single function, making human resources that previously were only dedicated to the scans are dedicated to the functions that contribute to the company ”.

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