Grupo Unsono is committed to the creation of quality jobs in the field of STEM

Grupo Unsono reinforces its commitment to create quality jobs and has integrated 20 STEM professionals into its data analysis center.

These professionals specializing in engineering and mathematics are in charge of developing and defining advanced analytical models and predictive algorithms which, using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data techniques, make it possible to define segmented operational strategies and provide information. for customer decision making. To do this, these qualified specialists have the most sophisticated technology capable of defining predictive results based on a proactive operational scheme.

The company, which has invested 1,000,000 euros in the launch of the Smart Analytics Center, aims to solve the problem of information overload that companies face day after day. Based on a diagnostic, predictive and descriptive information model, this data analysis center provides solutions to requests, incidents and complaints that organizations need to resolve immediately and effectively.

In this way, Grupo Unsono tries to make visible the role of STEM profiles and thus contribute to increasing the number of professionals who choose these specialties. And it is that there is a great deficit of this type of experts in Spain. According to “The STEM Vocations Challenge” published by the employers’ association of technology companies -DigitalES- in our country, there are around 10,000 vacant positions in the technology sector due to lack of qualification. It is also supported by data collected by the Ministry of Education, which indicates that the number of students enrolled in technical careers such as engineering and architecture has declined by 28%.

Sandra Gibert, CEO of Grupo Unsono, underlines: “From Grupo Unsono, we are very proud to be able to create quality jobs in an economic period as difficult as the current one. Smart Analytics Center is a clear example of how technology contributes to the creation of skilled and valuable jobs for organizations through the incorporation and visibility of STEM profiles. “

These hires are in addition to the 2,200 that the company has made since the start of the pandemic. Currently, more than 8,700 professionals are part of the staff of Grupo Unsono who base part of their work on improving the customer experience in all areas of the relationship: multi-channel contact center, business process services (BPS ) and advice.

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