Guardians of the United States Space Force: What are we Guardians of the United States Space Force: What are the Guardians of the United States Space Force

The US Space Force received a new name. The already very interesting Space Force officers will now be called “Guardians”. Since this announcement, people have started to compare Force with the famous Hollywood movie Guardians of the Galaxy and the name is getting very popular. The country’s vice president Mike Pence announced it on Friday. Find out what the American Space Force is doing …

What does space force do?

Pence said: “Soldiers, sailors, airmen, navies and guards will protect our country for generations to come.” The Space Force organization trains and works on equipment to protect the interests of the United States and allied nations in space. The responsibilities of the Space Force include the development of military space professionals, the design of military space systems. It was made by President Donald Trump in 2019 and it was ready after 10 months.

Are the astronauts its members?

It is the first military branch to be created since the Air Force in 1947. It is part of the Air Force itself. It is believed that Trump’s goal is to strengthen power and dominance in space. Along with the White House, military officials also acknowledged that the United States has been challenged by China and Russia in space. Members of the Space Force are not astronauts, but stay on earth and focus on national security. Satellites and vehicles engaged in international communication and observation work are also supported.

What did Trump need?

In 2007, China launched a missile that shot down its poor satellite from an altitude of 500 miles. Russia did something similar in 2014. Seeing this, the US government and military realized the need for space force, sensing the danger. Satellite requirements range from weather forecasting to taking high-resolution photos for intelligence purposes. At the same time, the missiles receive direction using the GPS satellite.

India also has ‘weapons’

The United States has one of the most wanted satellites in the world, collecting spy information and spying on countries around the world. China also has the ability to reach outer space. It has also developed surface-to-air anti-satellite missiles and laser cannons. India also surprised the world by successfully testing the anti-satellite missile in March 2019. The Indian missile destroyed a sleeping satellite in Earth’s lower Earth orbit within three minutes of launch.

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