Guillermo Pujadas, 21, runs Adecco Espaa for a month

Grupo Adecco, specialist in human resources management, in its desire to attract and encourage young talents, convened last January for the seventh consecutive year, “CEO for a month”. Through this initiative, the company focuses its attention on young people and gives them the opportunity to chair the group for a month.

Guillermo Pujadas, a 21-year-old Barcelona boy, has been appointed CEO of Adecco Espaa for a month. Throughout this period, Pujadas accompanied Iker Barricat, current CEO of the Adecco group in Spain, in his working day. In addition, sharing their busy schedules, attending meetings, actively participating in conferences, preparing and developing presentations to steering committee members and managing a team of nearly 2,000 people.

Pujadas will thus have a transversal approach to the labor market which will provide you with the experience and skills necessary to become a better candidate in your professional future. And it is that this project promotes the development of skills as important as leadership, communication skills, team management or stress management.

Pujadas was selected from nearly 10,000 participants in Spain who registered for a process that ended on June 10. This year the selection process has been different, because, due to the pandemic affecting Spain and a large part of the countries concerned, it had to be virtual. Thus, a jury composed of leaders of seven large companies from different sectors Last May, experts from the Adecco group measured the capacities of future CEOs of the company across the country. They did this through RidersofHistory, an online and group assessment tool created by the Adecco Group itself.

Among all the talented youngsters, four attended the Grand Final: Alba Cameron, Laura Rosillo, Victoria Hinkovska and Guillermo Pujadas. After several talks with HR experts and another with current CEO of Adecco Spain, Iker Barricat, Pujadas was the young man selected to become CEO of Adecco for a month, in a very close final.

From now on, Pujadas will work as CEO of Adecco Espaa for 30 days and will have the opportunity to also become the global CEO of the company and the right-hand man of Alain Dehaze, president of the Group at the global level. To do that, he will have to fight to be one of the top 10 presidents – out of the 47 who have been nominated in the world. If he succeeds, he will have the opportunity to attend the bootcamp to be held this summer, from which the global president of Adecco will leave for a month.

The new CEO for a month: Guillermo Pujadas

Guillermo is a 21-year-old from Barcelona. A graduate in International Business from the University of Barcelona, ​​this Catalan studied for one year at the Haas Business School (University of California) and currently resides in the capital of Spain. He is co-founder and president of the UB Business Society, a community that seeks to increase student participation in business.

Talking about CEO for a month, Pujadas emphasizes that “this is a unique opportunity to experience everything that comes from being CEO, the dream and the professional goal that I have in the long term with my own skin. Being a CEO is something that, unless you start your own business, is only achieved over a relatively long period of your professional career. Being able to experience it in your “early twenties” is something unique, “he explains of the process.

In addition, when he was appointed for a month the new CEO of the Adecco group, Pujadas stressed the importance of perseverance in all aspects of life, since for him it was the third time that he appeared in the show. “Every year, I improve my profile until, finally, I reach my goal,” he condemned.

ker Barricat, CEO of Adecco, commented on the election of Pujadas that “every year it is impressive to see the excellent young talents that we have in our country and to be able to work alongside these young people. After receiving nearly 10,000 applications, choosing a single person is very difficult, but Guillermo stood out above all for his talent, his attitude and his perseverance which, we are sure, with his experience at Adecco, will make him a excellent professional able to face any challenging situation. For me, it’s also a unique opportunity to learn from the best young talents ”.

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