Gun culture in the United States: 8-month-old dies who was shot dead by 3-year-old brother in Houston: 3-year-old shot dead 8-month-old brother in Houston

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3-year-old shoots his 8-month-old brother in Lawhouston in the US
An eight-month-old baby died in Houston, United States, Friday after being shot. Police believe the child’s three-year-old older brother was hit by a gun kept in the house and it was he who fired. Houston Police Department Deputy Chief Wendy Bambridge said the child was shot in the stomach on Friday morning. Family members took the injured child to hospital, where he died.

Police call to keep children out of reach
Deputy Chief of Police Bambridge said: “I want to appeal to all parents to keep their guns out of reach of anyone in the house.” There are many things you can do to protect guns. Please pray for this family. It is a very sad incident. Investigators did not initially find the weapon used in the incident, but were later recovered from inside the vehicle in which family members took the child to hospital.

The case has not yet been filed against the child
Bambridge said investigators and prosecutors were investigating whether charges would be laid in the case. So far, the police have not registered any cases against the child. In fact, under what law a complaint should be made against such a young child, the police are furious about it.

Gun culture claimed the lives of thousands in America
American gun culture kills thousands of people every year. According to reports, in 2021 450 people have died in layoff cases in the United States so far. According to the Small Arms Survey, 88 out of every 100 US citizens in the United States own guns. Which is growing rapidly from year to year. There are also a large number of people who have more than one gun.

The weapons kept in the houses become the property of death
According to the American The Gun Control Act 1968 (GCA), the minimum age to purchase a pistol or any small weapon must be 18 years old. While 21 years old to buy a handgun or rifle. Criminals or those serving a sentence of more than one year are prohibited from selling weapons. But there is also a huge market for illegal weapons in this country, from which these people easily obtain weapons. Weapons kept in homes are often taken into the hands of people who make others suffer.

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