gust of wind: Indonesian woman claims gust of wind made her pregnant: woman claims to be pregnant by wind in Indonesia

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In Indonesia, woman claimed to be pregnant by air
An Indonesian woman claimed to have fallen pregnant from the air. The woman also gave birth to a daughter shortly after undergoing a medical examination. The woman also claimed that the whole incident took place within an hour. Since then, local police have been investigating the case. This woman is already the mother of a child and lives separately after the divorce.

Claimed to be pregnant by air
According to Indonesian media, the woman has been identified as Siti Jinah. The woman claimed that on Wednesday afternoon I was lying on the floor after praying. During this time, I felt air enter my body through me. The woman claimed that 15 minutes after the incident, her stomach started to ache. After which, a large lump emerged in the stomach.

Gave birth to a healthy baby girl in hospital
When the woman was taken to a nearby community community hospital for treatment, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. However, the woman claimed that the baby was only born through the air with no physical connection. After that, the news spread to the Malaysian media. As soon as the incident became known, many government officials went to the hospital and gathered information from the woman.

The doctor told the truth
The head of the community clinic, Iman Suleiman, said the mother and child were found healthy after the investigation. The baby was born normal and weighs 2.9 kg. Suleman believes the incident is a case of a potentially latent pregnancy. In this, the mother does not really know about her pregnancy. She gets to know her pregnancy when she is in the process of giving birth.

Is that why there is no complaint?
In Indonesia, people have denied the claim that all of this is done to hide the real facts of the pregnancy. In fact, in Indonesian religious communities, illegal conception is considered a crime. However, the police are investigating the entire case with every aspect in mind.

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