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The Biden government has given great relief to Indians working in the United States and holding H1B visas. In an important move to allow spouses of employees holding H1B visas to continue working, the Trump regime is concerned for the future of employees with H1B visas. .
It’s only been a week since Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the United States, but in the meantime his government has made such an important decision. This has brought immense relief to Indians holding H1B visas working in the United States. In this crucial decision, the Biden administration allowed spouses with H-4 visas of employees with H1B visas to continue working.

Previously, during the reign of former President Donald Trump, employees of employees holding the H1B were in doubt as to whether they would be allowed to work more after spending four years in the United States. Now, with the Biden administration’s decision, those fears have ceased. During his reign, former US President Barack Obama passed a law allowing spouses of H1B visa holders to work in the United States.
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Obama had given permission to work to life partners
Donald Trump made numerous efforts to repeal the law after he became president. However, that administrative decision by Biden interrupted her. The Obama administration has granted H1B visa holders permission to work in the United States on H-4 visas, but the Trump administration has reportedly tried to terminate it as part of a program.

However, hundreds of people breathed a sigh of relief following Biden’s latest move. Expressing his joy at the decision, an Atlanta resident with the H-4 visa said we felt very relieved after a long struggle. Indian software engineers work widely in America. He is relieved by this decision.

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