H20 Stealth Bomber: From Guam to Air… Even in the United States, China’s H-20 Destructive Nuclear Bomber – China’s H20 Stealth Bomber can target bases like Guam and Hawaii

China is preparing an H-20 stealth bomber that can target nuclear attacks against US bases off its coast. These long-range subsonic planes are part of one of China’s top-secret military projects and are currently underway. The Pentagon estimates that these bombers can have a range of 5,000 miles and could target US bases like Guam. At the same time, many military analysts also believe that it can also take Hawaii.

How long can I do this?
According to the Royal United Services Institute, a London-based think tank, the H-20 will give China the ability to show its strength. His study claimed that the H-20s equipped with nuclear and conventional missiles would offer a different line from the old attitude of the PLAAF (People’s Liberation Army Air Force) and the way the equipment was developed. . As a result, the PLAAF is believed to be ready to fight regionally within the country and against the US base in Guam. At the same time, the H-20 will give China the ability to demonstrate its power on different continents.

Target from Guam to Hawaii
In its 2020 Chinese Military Power Report, the US Department of Defense said the H-20 can have a range of up to 8,500 km and carry 200 tons. This means the Guam base, 2,000 miles off the coast of China, can be easily targeted. Experts believe that the Chinese military can also target Hawaii. In a report on the H-20, The National Interest said, “The PLAAF needed a bomber that could operate from a third chain or from an Alushian Island in Hawaii.”

How far can China attack

China will have the power
Previously, it was claimed that the H-20 could be ready this year. With their development, China will join the United States and Russia in the category of countries that have the capacity to launch nuclear weapons from the air, water and land. In view of the corona virus outbreak, China is currently deciding when to launch them. Citing military sources, the South China Morning Post said it could be featured at the annual Zhuhai air show, but the show was postponed due to Corona.

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