Hackathon for VET students from Fundacin Bankia and FP Innovacin

The online initiative, open to VET students from all over Spain, will serve to foster collaboration and promote innovation in education

BY RRHH Digital, 3:30 p.m. – January 13, 2021

The Bankia Foundation for Dual Education and FP Innovacin are launching FP Pro, a free online hackathon for FP students from all over Spain – Middle or higher level – with the aim of fostering collaboration between them and promoting innovation in the educational field.

The initiative will take place on January 28, 29 and 30, with registrations open from January 11 to 26 at 3:00 p.m. at FP Innovacin and

Students will work as a team choosing one of the five organizational challenges (enjoying family and friends safely; promoting youth employment, safe leisure and free time; how to carry out working practices; and now let’s think about equality) Thanks to which they will develop innovative solutions that contribute to an improvement of the environment. For this, they will have mentors who will accompany them both in the process of creation and development and in the initiation into the world of innovation, thanks to training pills facilitated throughout the hackathon and where the talent of the participants will be valued alongside skills training. .

Specifically, participants will learn about idea generation, design and visual thinking, prototyping, tools for entrepreneurs, financial aspects, marketing or customer research.

The first classified will distribute a total of 1,600 euros in gift vouchers: 750 for the first team, 500 for the second and 350 for the third.

The initiative comes after the Bankia Foundation and FP Innovacin launched at the end of last year the first hackathon for FP teachers in which nearly 300 teachers from all over Spain and from different vocational training modalities participated. , in which a project to make the student an active consumer of screens (through the creation of training videos supported by influencers) was the winner.

You can register here for the FP PRO Hackathon, where you will become an FP PRO.

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