hailed by the popular and criticized by the socialists for what happened in Murcia

Publication: Saturday March 13, 2021 2:52 PM

The motion in the Murcia region has exploded, while in Madrid the parties await justice. For the PP, this political earthquake responds to this reason. “Sánchez’s maneuver of wanting to do with working governments has been revealed,” said Teodoro García Egea, general secretary of the PP who took advantage of his intervention to thank the three deputies of the C of Murcia who went bankrupt for their work. .

“To thank these three people who remained faithful to the pact. Yesterday, in the region of Murcia, it was possible to stop an unjust motion of censure”, insisted García Egea, who, on the other hand, received thanks from the party itself. “He went to the region of Murcia to speak, work and defend something sensible, the agreement signed two years ago. Our secretary general is capable of this and more,” said the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno.

The opposite face was shown from the Socialist Party, a formation which pointed directly at Pablo Casado. “Pablo Casado’s new PP is exactly the worst PP of all time. It maintains corruption with setbacks and” tamayazos “. If he has to buy deputies by giving them accusations, he buys them”, denounced Santos Cerdán, PSOE secretary for Territorial Coordination. Among citizens, internally, they ask for explanations and even general advice.

For his part, the vice-president of Castilla y León assures that his government with the popular is guaranteed, but calls for self-criticism. “We must exercise self-criticism more than revenge, analysis more than disqualification, reflection more than aggression. The Spaniards are very tired of disqualification, they do not live on Twitter,” said Francisco Igea to through social networks. Even so, they assure that the situation is completely different in the two communities.

“It seems unreasonable to cause a domino effect and that the citizens of Madrid, who had a government that worked reasonably well, end up paying for what is happening in another community,” lamented Nacho Martín, citizens’ deputy in the Parliament of Catalonia. From Mas Madrid, they are already sending a message to the orange formation so that they finally advance the motion of censure. “There are alternatives and we are ready to discuss them,” said MP Mónica García. They say their priority is to get Ayuso out of Puerta del Sol.

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