Hair lice, cheap drug, ivermectin may reduce risk of death from Covid 19 by 80%: lice drug may reduce risk of death with Corona virus

There is good news for the world suffering from the corona virus. Medicines used to kill lice can reduce the number of people who die from the corona virus by up to 80%. The name of this miracle drug is ivermectin. The use of this drug reduced the number of hospital deaths from corona by 80%. Another good thing is that this lice killing drug is very inexpensive.

During research, of the 573 patients who received the drug ivermactin, only 8 died. While 510 people did not receive this drug, 44 of them died. Previous research in April indicated that this drug, which protects against parasites, worked very well in the war against Corona. All viral RNAs were killed within 48 hours with a single dose.

Critics call study conclusion immature
University of Liverpool virologist Andrew Hill described the new research as brilliant in finding a cure for the crown. These data on research conducted on approximately 1,400 patients have been made public. However, his research is currently under review before being published. He said that if this trend also shows up in other studies, then this treatment will surely be quite effective.

On the other hand, critics have called Hill’s finding of the study immature. He called for more research to be needed before ivermactin is announced as a corona drug. Critics said earlier claims were made about malaria and some other drugs, but they all turned out to be false.

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