Haitian President Jovenel Moise Suspected murderers killed in shooting: fierce meeting in Haiti, 4 assassins of the president killed, two arrested

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Four assassins of Haitian President Jovenel Moise were killed in a violent confrontation with the police and were murdered in Port-au-Prince (Haiti)
Four killers from the Latin American country, President of Haiti Jovenel Moise, were killed by police in a fierce clash. The police chief said two killers were also arrested. It is said that these killers had taken three police officers hostage. Earlier Tuesday, a group of unidentified people posing as US Drug Agency agents attacked and killed President Jovanel Moise’s private residence on Tuesday evening.

The assassination of the president has sparked even more chaos in this Caribbean country which is the poorest country on the American continent. Inflation has increased in Haiti and gang wars and riots are common. Jovenel Moise tried to run a dictatorial regime. Not only that, he also tried to change the constitution of the country. Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph declared martial law.

The killers had taken three policemen hostage
Joseph banned all flights into the country and sealed the borders. The same Dominican Republic has deployed its security army on the border with Haiti. Haitian police chief Léon Charles said three police officers were taken hostage by suspected killers on Wednesday. After that, a fierce encounter took place between the police and the killers. In this, all the police were safely evacuated. He said 4 killers were killed in the shooting and two were arrested. It is not yet known how many more are fleeing.

Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph said Moise’s wife and first lady Martini Moise were shot dead in the attack and were hospitalized. Joseph condemned “the disgusting, inhuman and brutal act” and said Haiti’s national police and other authorities maintained control of the situation in the Caribbean country. “Democracy and the republic will win,” he said. The murder took place on Tuesday evening against a backdrop of worsening political and economic stability crisis in the country and increasing gang violence. During the reign of Moses, there was constant instability and anger in a country of over 11 million people.

60% of the population earns less than two dollars a day
Economic, political and social problems have increased in the country. Gang violence continues to increase in the capital Port-au-Prince, inflation remains unrelenting, and food and fuel are scarce at a time when 60 percent of the country’s population earns less than $ 2 a day . These problems are coming to the fore in the country at a time when Haiti is still trying to recover from the effects of the devastating earthquake of 2010 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Moise (53) ruled the country on the basis of court orders for more than two years due to the lack of elections and the dissolution of parliament.

Opposition leaders accused him of increasing his power, including limiting the power of courts to verify government contracts and creating an intelligence agency that reported only to the president. Opposition leaders had demanded his resignation in recent months. He said Moise’s tenure legally ended in February 2021. Streets remained largely deserted in Port-au-Prince early Wednesday, but some people vandalized business establishments in one neighborhood.

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