hajj during Ramzan: the Mecca mosque will open in Ramzan for people vaccinated against the coronavirus: entry of people vaccinated against the corona virus during Ramadan

Saudi Arabia has decided that with the start of Ramadan, the entry of people into the holy mosque in Mecca will begin. Entry will be given to those who have been vaccinated with the corona virus. Apart from these, people who received the first dose of the vaccine and have been quarantined for 14 days or people who have a corona infection and have recovered will also be allowed in.

Vaccination status should be registered on Saudi Arabia’s Kovid-19 app, Tawakkalna. It was launched last year to track infections. Those who need to visit the Prophet’s Mosque in the Great Mosque or Medina, or practice Umrah, will need to register on Tawakkalna and Umrah’s Eatmarna app. Authorization will be given depending on the location.

People were urged to be careful in this regard and only these two apps were asked to be trusted to get their permission.

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