hajj permit: limited residents of saudi arabia to go to hajj

The corona virus epidemic has already affected the Haj pilgrimage from July. Saudi Arabia announced on Saturday that only citizens of the country will have the chance to come to the Haj this year. 60,000 people from the country will be allowed to go to the Haj who have been vaccinated.

According to the Saudi News Agency, the Hajj Ministry said that this year only a limited number of locals will be allowed to participate in the Haj. People between the ages of 18 and 65 who wish to perform the Hajj will need to be vaccinated. They should also not have long-term illness.

“Saudi Arabia confirms that it made this decision after continuing consultations regarding the health and safety of pilgrims and the security of their country,” the statement said. Last year, only a thousand people already living in Saudi Arabia were selected for the Haj. Under normal circumstances, around 20 Muslim lakhs perform Hajj each year.

Registration on the application
Earlier in April, it was reported that the vaccination status should be registered on Saudi Arabia’s Kovid-19 app, Tawakkalna. It was launched last year to track infections. Those who need to visit the Great Mosque or the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, or perform Umrah, must register on Eatmarna, the app for Tawakkalna and Umrah. Authorization will be given depending on the location.

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