Half of companies see digital skills gaps among their employees

Half of companies see digital skills gaps among their employees

This week were presented the results of the II Study on the digital health of companies, carried out by the business consultancy firm ActitudPro, which concludes that half of the companies detect a significant deficit of digital skills among their employees in distance selling, c that’s why 65% ​​of businesses have taken digital sales training in the past year. The results were presented in the framework of the online event Sales Innovation Forum 2021 by ActitudPro, which had the participation of Maria Ros, Commercial Director of HolaLuz; Xavier Carbonell, CEO of Palex; Josep Celaya, Director of Digital Business at DKV, as well as Fede Martrat, Managing Partner of ActitudPro.

According to the study, which analyzes the degree of digitalization of companies and their evolution over the last year as well as the main digital challenges facing companies in the post-pandemic moment, up to 46% of the companies surveyed detect a lack of commercial skills among its professionals when they carry out distance sales, before other factors such as the lack of a specific strategy for selling online (37%), the possibility of using digital tools (Teams, Zoom, Meet, etc.) (9%) or lack of motivation (8%).

The study also finds that 65% of companies have completed some type of digital sales training in the past year and 43% have a digital e-learning platform (their own or outsourced) to train their employees. remote teams, 13% more than in 2020. study (pre-pandemic data). However, the companies surveyed say that the greatest number of business opportunities – 58% – continue to come from traditional channels, such as phone calls or email, rather than new ones.

More than 150 business leaders from all sectors, from 1 to 10 employees and more than 1,000 employees, took part in the study by responding to a short online survey of 17 questions.

In the opinion of Fede Martrat, founding partner and CEO of the company, “although companies are aware of the need to develop business skills in digital selling, implementing it in the team is a work process. slow and daily and it is essential that managers manage to maintain the digital motivation of their teams at a high level ”. To which he adds: “We have realized that there is a lack of individual awareness of their own limits and digitization is not a binary process, but requires continuous and sustained learning. Now that we know how to use digital tools to communicate and since the business process has become a hybrid, it is time for companies to establish business strategies already conceptualized for a new, more digital sales model, ”says Fede Martrat.

Increase the digitization of recruitment processes

Another relevant data from the study is that 65% of the companies surveyed have digitized the procurement process for products and / or services: 34% have fully digitized it (the customer digitally signs their contracts and orders) and 32% , partially (the signature of the contract is still handwritten), while the remaining 34% admit not having digitized the process of procurement of products and / services. In contrast, in 2020, only 18% of the companies surveyed had the process fully digitized (39%, partially, and the remaining 43%, not digitized)

Regarding the meeting format, currently 64% of respondents say that only 1 in 4 meetings is held in person (in 2020, the percentage was 8%), and 81% of respondents believe that their company has provided the necessary digital tools. (Teams, Zoom, etc.) to develop remote business work in this pandemic period.

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