Halo Infinite already has a release date and we know new details

It’s been four months since 343 Industries, the developer of Halo Infinite, made the difficult decision to postpone the launch to an unspecified date of 2021. The media stunt for Xbox was large, since it was the flagship title that would accompany the new X and S series at launch.

Halo Infinite: The Star and the Crashed Launch

Today, 343 Industries, in an exercise in transparency that we appreciate, dated the launch of Halo Infinite and offered more details on the state of development of the game. The expected date is fall 2021, date which it will arrive on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC.

The announcement was posted on Halo Waypoint and is signed by Joseph Staten. Staten has been working for 343 Industries for the past four months in screenwriting, filmmaking and creative director roles. According to him, the team will return from the Christmas holidays in January to “finish the game at a healthy pace”. He talks about the “tough times” that followed the disappointment of the July Halo Infinite demo and the conclusion they drew that they needed more time to “get it right”.

In this way, 343 Industries wanted to share images of Spartan customization, concept art of part of the game, new weapons, and two screenshots of one of the new multiplayer maps. You can find these images throughout this article.

On the controversy with the graphics featured in the Halo Infinite demo

One aspect that came under heavy criticism after the July demo was the graphics of the new Halo. You could see very poor textures for the new generation, faces that have become expressionless memes … Neill Harrison, head of the artistic team, accepts these criticisms but specifies that “most of them affected aspects we were already working on ”. . Among these, the indirect light, the response of the materials, the vegetation or the fidelity of the characters stand out.

On a related note, Ani Shastry, head of graphics team development, says the goal of the demo was to achieve high resolution without losing performance. So they decided to put aside other issues like global lighting, dynamic daylighting, GPU rendering, and other tech that brings visual fidelity to Halo Infinite.

Finally, Nicolas Bouvier, senior concept artist and art director, says the goal is “to combine the simplest and cleanest forms of Halo 1 and 2 with the demands of the next generation and the anticipation generated”. He made a special reference to Craig’s meme that has traveled the world defending the studio by saying that “facial animations weren’t implemented yet.”

More details about the game

343 Industries has promised that there won’t be any loot boxes or random purchases in Halo Infinite, instead the store will show us exactly what we’re buying. It is a decision that is appreciated and that is part of the modern struggle of Western governments against the game of young people. Additionally, there are a lot of customization items that can be acquired by completing challenges and playing games. Those using the free version will also have free access to cosmetic upgrades.

When it comes to customizing the Spartans in Halo Infinite, he puts aside the “primary and secondary color” system to allow us more room-by-room freedom. The most experienced players will be rewarded with exclusive skins.

Another good news for gamers is that while there are going to be any limited-time events, they absolutely want to prevent the game from “forcing” players to log in every now and then so they don’t miss a thing. They will look for solutions so that the two things coexist.

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