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Game News E3 2021: Halo Infinite, Starfield, Exclusives … what to expect from the Xbox conference? Posted on Jun 2, 2021 at 6:15 p.m. This year too, Phil Spencer and his partners will not be celebrating in the limelight of the gigantic Microsoft Theater, which is just a stone’s throw from the Los Angeles Convention Center. Health crisis requires Xbox teams to re-present their future productions through a digital event. The showcase will air on Sunday June 13th at 7pm and will provide information about Xbox Game Studios / Bethesda games as the two conferences will be held together. With an announced duration of 1h30, the event will continue as usual for the titles that will soon be published in the large “X” ecosystem. But are all the lights green for this 2021 edition?

2001 – 2021: Twenty years of Xbox can be celebrated!

Released November 15, 2001 in the US, the first Xbox will celebrate its twentieth anniversary on November 15, 2021. The Redmond company has already announced that the party will last several months through various meetings. If the owners of the Xbox Series X | S have already been able to download an animated theme reminiscent of the surface of the original console, fans of the brand expect above all explosive announcements of the story that are bursting with joy and good humor. From our point of view, we don’t see a better time to see a number of new backwards compatible games. Too many works that were released on the first Xbox are not yet available today, such as Jet Set Radio Future, Crazy Taxi 3, Kung Fu Chaos, Outrun 2, Dino Crisis 3, Jade Empire, Midtown Madness 3 and many more. We just have to hope that Jason Ronald’s backward compatibility roster arrives on June 13, 2021 with good news, even though we know that the problems with the remaining software stem more from the licenses in use than from the who says 20 years Xbox says 20 years of its fetish title Halo: Combat Evolved. The series created by Bungie and acquired by 343 Industries will be discussed for better and for worse during the showcase. Halo Infinite is currently the only really announced game in the event. The pressure rests heavily on the builder: this episode of Halo has much to be forgiven for since its failed presentation last year. The 2021 Xbox Games Showcase must use excerpts from the campaign and multiplayer mode to dispel doubts about the qualities of Master Chief’s future adventure. A new presentation that definitely needs to be questioned, especially since Sony cleverly revealed the gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West to show what its PlayStation 5 has in its stomach. Comparisons will (unfortunately?) Be inevitable Microsoft, too, has made it a habit to have more or less given up old licenses at its conferences. We remember Battletoads at E3 2018, Phantasy Star Online 2 at E3 2019, Fable at Showcase 2020 and Perfect Dark at the Game Awards. With Rare, the Redmond-based company has heroes who deserve new games, like Banjo and Conker. Many fans also ask about Silent Hill, a license that of course does not belong to Microsoft, but whose return to the world of video games is gradually taking shape. It’s E3 so there are hopes for the return of yesterday’s glory!

Fully exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem

If there’s one point where Jim Ryan (president and CEO of SIE) and Phil Spencer (vice president of gaming at Microsoft) agree, it’s the importance of the content. It’s not for nothing that the American giant has secured the services of Bethesda, Playground Games or even Ninja Theory: the more exclusive games there are in the Xbox ecosystem, the more players are encouraged to take an interest in them. This is all the more true at the time Microsoft wants to democratize its Game Pass. Admittedly, the ID @ Xbox titles and the improvements offered thanks to FPS Boost enriched the first half of the year, but for this conference in 2021 the fans want the Redmond-based company to let go of its horses and display many new games. At the head of 23 development studios (partly divided into several teams working on different projects in parallel) the American manufacturer has enormous clout. On paper. Observers know that Microsoft sometimes struggles to present its productions effectively. Without mentioning the fall of Halo Infinite in 2020, the part reserved for Gears 5 of E3 2019 is still remembered … During the showcase we should get news about already revealed softs like As Dusk Falls, Crossfire X or The. have crap. It’s also possible that we could learn more about Scorn, STALKER 2, 12 Minutes, and maybe even Tunic. Speaking of first-party studios, Everwild could be there, the announcement of a sequel to The Outer Worlds is expected, while Psychonauts 2 is expected to reveal its release date via a new video. As for the licenses in place, three years after the fourth installment was announced, the new Forza Horizon could tumble at high speed to present us with its new destination. While we thought we’d finally see Hellblade 2 again, the rumors suggest that the title of Ninja Theory would dodge the show or just be present via a dev diary. Could we still attend a Project Mara presentation as compensation? On top of that, it’s hard to tell if it will be showing Fable, Perfect Dark, Avowed, or even State of Decay 3, all of which were revealed in 2020. There is also the future title of Compulsion Games, which has not yet deigned to come out of its pixelated hiding place: The studio bought by Microsoft in 2018 has shown nothing new since We Happy Few (and its DLC). What seems pretty much done is that, unfortunately, The Coalition doesn’t expect to re-unveil Gears of War at the event, and as we explained a few days ago, Bethesda’s side remains to be seen whether The Elder Scrolls VI has the right to do so will be a trailer, and whether Machine Games can showcase its future projects (Indiana Jones and possibly a new Wolfenstein). The enigmatic but eagerly awaited starfield should definitely have the right to its own sequence during the showcase. That’s good because this space game, which many hope is some kind of Elder Scrolls in space, has still provided a lot of information about it. Of course, E3 conferences are the perfect place to announce new intellectual property, and Microsoft / Bethesda are sure to have some. Rumor has it that it is a hypothetical project involving vampires, led by Arkane Austin and some partnerships signed by Xbox Global Publishing.

The expansion of the Game Pass

Remember that during the Xbox Games Showcase of 2020, the American giant surprised its little world by only choosing projects that would be released on Game Pass on day one. Service is at the heart of many of the strategies of a Redmond company that dreams of bringing together up to two billion players. We will therefore see important new announcements during the event. Subscribers are hoping for the arrival of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Persona 5, or the Ubisoft + service built into Game Pass Ultimate. The Nintendo Switch placed on Spencer’s cabinet suggests that the Game Pass could arrive on the Nintendo computer. Without going so far in assumptions, it would be quite likely that the announcement of the appearance of xCloud will be witnessed on other devices such as the Xbox Series / One or on networked TVs. In theory, Microsoft has many arguments to guarantee a presentation full of varied games designed to complement the Game Pass offering. The exercise is still tricky: the audience now wants to see real “next-gen” experiences as well as impressive action-adventure games, a genre that is unfortunately missing from the current offer in the Xbox portfolio. Fans also expect greater returns from Japanese developers. Incidentally, after almost 20 years of existence in the field of game consoles, the eternal outsider still has a lot to prove … but also to offer if everything goes well. 2021 on JV Von Carnbee, journalist MP

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