hamar tribe: know why the hammer tribe women laugh at their bodies while laughing

There are many species in Africa with very different traditions from the rest of the world, but the Ukuli Tula event held in the Hamer tribe in Ethiopia is perhaps the most amazing. During this ceremony, the boys give proof of their value in marriage. The surprising thing is that the girls and women who participate in it are whipped on their own accord. Not only that, if they are saved from being beaten, then they themselves come forward and ask to be beaten. Geophysicist Ratnesh Pandey, by profession, told NBT Online’s Shatakshi Asthana that what is the reason behind this strange practice and centuries of recognition …

The Hammer Tribe Ukuli Tula Ceremony Is The Most Special

Their culture relies heavily on cattle. In the Hammer tribe, the bull jumping ceremony – Ukuli Tula – takes place. It is the most important and sacred rite of this tribe. This rite symbolizes an event that changes the life of the Hammer Tribe. During this rite, a person is allowed to marry. During this rite, it is determined whether a young hammer man is qualified in his society to take responsibility for marriage and the upbringing of the family. Only young people who pass this ceremony are allowed to marry. Ukuli Tula usually takes place after harvest (July to March). The most spectacular part of the whole day program begins in the afternoon after four in the evening.

Girls willingly whip until they bleed

For Ukuli Tula, families of single boys send invitations made from dry grass rope to relatives, neighbors and friends who have daughters in their homes. The ceremony ends with a multi-day party, which includes jumping dances, sherbet and coffee. In this, virgin girls cover their hair and body with butter. They dance – sing and whistle and cheer on the boys. In Ukuli Tula, 15 cows or bulls are stacked and a young man eager to marry must jump over them. The failed boy is not married and a group of women beat him badly. Not only that, all the women in this boy’s house are beaten till blood comes out of the body. The boy who performs this ritual has the right to marry his favorite girl.

Women plead to kill Koda with ‘Maja’

One of his practices is very strange in which women are beaten. People are called to this by decorating their bodies with wings, necklaces and bracelets. They hold long, thin, flexible branches in their hands in the form of a stick in one hand and holding a whip in the other hand. They beat all the girls and women who wanted to marry with sticks and whips. It is surprising that no woman or girl was involved in this whole incident. Not only that, the women or girls who are saved to be killed, they ask the group of the holy organization “Maja” to kill them.

“ Love increases in women by eating whip and stick ”

These women believe that eating wounds causes bodily harm, which is nothing short of a blessing to them. At the same time, Maja men believe that whipping and sticking increases the ability of women to love. Widowed women also participate so that they can choose a good partner for themselves. The woman who suffers the most injuries at this ceremony is married to the younger man. These strokes happen until the blood comes out of the woman’s body. Even after marriage, these women are killed by wills until they have two children.

Hammer tribe men cut with knives and make tattoos

Hammers are associated with the omotic or ohmic community of Ethiopia. Hammers are shepherds and their livelihood and culture surround the cattle and they also do agriculture. They wear colorful bracelets and beads on their hair, waist, and arms. Hammer tattooed his body with a sharp knife and dried the injured body with ash and charcoal. Married women of the Hammer Tribe wear circular necklaces. The men of the Hammer tribe wear hair or jewelry indicating the past murder of an enemy or animal.

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