Hamas and Israel’s conflict: Hamas prepares thousands of rockets to stop Israel’s intransigence pm Benjamin Netanyahu

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The Palestinian militant group Hamas has started to prepare again to wreak havoc in Israel, Hamas has resumed production of these new rockets capable of hitting Israel. Hamas is said to have once again thousands of rockets preparing for the stock. Tel Aviv
The Palestinian militant group Hamas, which stunned the world by raining thousands of rockets on Israel, is once again preparing to wreak havoc. Hamas has resumed production of a new rocket capable of hitting most areas of Israel. It is said that Hamas is once again preparing a stockpile of rockets by the thousands.

The Tasnim News Agency gave this information citing Hamas political bureau Fatahi Hamad. After days of bombings and bombings, a ceasefire agreement has been signed between Israel and Palestine in Egypt in recent days. “Our factory and workshop have started making thousands of rockets again to counter Netanyahu’s radicalization in Al Qads and Tel Aviv,” Hamad said.

Over 4,000 rockets fired from Hamas
A fierce conflict between Hamas and Israel erupted on May 10 when a clash broke out in East Jerusalem between people of Arab descent and the Israeli police over a court ruling. In this order, Palestinian families were asked to leave Sheikh Jarrah. After that, a fierce conflict erupted between Hamas and the IDF. Israel says more than 4,000 rockets were fired from Hamas.

The conflict lasted a total of 11 days and killed 243 people in the Gaza Strip alone. It also included 66 children. 12 people of Israel were also killed. An Indian nurse was also killed in this attack. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) admitted that its defense system shot down its own drone during a clash with Palestinian militants.

Prepare to make significant changes to identify drones
This Elbit Skylark drone was used by a wing of the IDF to gather intelligence. Who was killed by the Iron Dome battery while firing a missile mistaking it for a Hamas rocket. Since that incident, preparations have been underway for a massive overhaul of the IDF for drone operations and identification of enemy drones.

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