Hamas fire balloons over Israel

The situation between Israel and Palestine has become tense again. Israel launched a massive bombardment of Gaza after the Palestinian extremist group Hamas launched provocative balloons. Earlier in May, there was a ceasefire between the two sides after days of conflict. Israel says Hamas is carrying out attacks on its territory by filling condoms with flammable material or explosives. Israeli Air Force planes struck militants’ sites in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday. This is the first such Israeli attack since the ceasefire that ended war with Hamas last month. The IDF said it had targeted centers Hamas was using to hold meetings to plan attacks by militants. Let’s find out all about the Hamas condom bomb.

Hamas operatives fill explosives into condoms

In fact, members of the extremist group Hamas inflate condoms, fill them with flammable materials such as coal, and then blow them in Israeli areas. When these “balloons” burst, a fire breaks out. Not only that, explosive substances are also filled inside many condoms, because of which they explode where they fall. The fires caused by these balloons have intensified in southern Israel. According to the Times of Israel report, thousands of acres of crops have been destroyed in Israel because of these condom balloons. People suffered a lot because of it. According to the IDF, the purpose of these condom balloons is to kill people and cause great destruction. Children are often caught in the grip of these balloons, which get caught by greed, touch it or run to catch it. Many Israeli children were also injured in the blasts.

Hamas attacks not only with balloons but also with explosive kites

In addition to the condom balloons, the homemade moths are also equipped with explosives and their fall causes fires in Israeli areas. Birthday greetings are written on these balloons or they are made by filling with air inside the condom. I love you is written on it for people to get caught up in its greed and get caught up in the blast. When these balloons arrive, the police detonate them in a controlled manner and detonate them. With the use of condoms, the question has arisen for a long time, where does it come from. According to the IDF, sometimes there is only one balloon and sometimes a large number of balloons fly at a time so that heavy explosive material can be dropped into Israeli territory. In this Hamas work, the strong winds from the Mediterranean Sea help a lot. According to experts, it is not easy to kill explosives made from balloons or condoms. For this reason, Hamas operatives are quite successful in these attacks.

Condom bombing in southern Israel

In retaliation for the attacks, Israeli planes launched heavy attacks against militant positions in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday. This is the first such attack since the ceasefire that ended the war with Hamas last month. The IDF said it had targeted centers Hamas was using to hold meetings to plan attacks by militants. No casualties have so far been reported in these attacks. Hundreds of powerful Israeli nationalists marched through East Jerusalem on Tuesday in a show of force. The development threatens to unleash renewed violence in the Gaza Strip just weeks after the ceasefire with Hamas militants. At the same time, Palestinians in Gaza responded by releasing balloons. Their action has led to fires in at least 10 locations in southern Israel.

New Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett challenges

This march will prove to be a test for Israel’s new government and for last month’s treaty ending the 11-day war between Israel and Hamas. The Palestinians regard this march as an act of provocation. Hamas urged the Palestinians to resist the march. Hundreds of Jewish nationalists gathered to the sound of music for hundreds of yards before making their way to the Damascus Gate. Many of them were holding Israeli flags and dancing and singing religious songs. However, this time the crowds were much smaller than at last month’s parade. Before the march, Israeli police evacuated the area in front of the Damascus Gate, cutting off traffic, ordering shops to close and driving out young Palestinian protesters. Police said 17 people were arrested for their involvement in the violence, some of whom attacked police and two policemen had to undergo treatment. The parade presented an opening challenge for the new Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett. Bennett is a radical Israeli nationalist. According to Israeli media, the military has been put on alert along the occupied West Bank and on the Gaza border.

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