Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar openly threatens Israelis

Gaza strip

Despite the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, the terrorist organization Hamas continues to act at the instigation. Meanwhile, the Hamas commander-in-chief and the notorious Yahya Sinwar of Khan Younis continue to lynch the people against Israel. He announced his plans a few days ago holding an AK-47, the son of a terrorist killed at the hands of the IDF in the Gaza Strip. During this time, a crowd of thousands of people stood in the circle of Yahya Sinwar.

Yahya Sinwar is the head of the political wing of Hamas

Yahya Sinwar is known as the butcher of Khan Younis in Israel. His full name is Yahya Ibrahim Hasan Sinwar who currently heads the political wing of Hamas. Sinwar was also appointed a member of Hamas’s Politburo in 2017. According to Israeli agencies, Yahya Sinwar is the link between Hamas’s political bureau and its IQB military unit.

How did Yahya Sinwar become Khan Younis’ butcher?

Yahya has been the most vocal against Israel from the very beginning. This is why he formed an internal intelligence agency named Al-Majid within Hamas in 1988. The agency works to find and kill Israeli agents or people with a soft line against them in the Gaza Strip. He killed thousands of Palestinians helping Israel with their own hands. This is the reason why he is called the butcher of Khan Younis.

America declared special terrorists

In 2015, he was placed on the United States’ Specialized Designated Global Terrorists List. Which means this person is a wanted terrorist for America. The United States has also declared Hamas a terrorist organization. This is why the United States can speak orally with Palestine but not with Hamas. Hamas’s main agenda is to eradicate Israel from the world map.

Hamas victory calls for Palestinian ceasefire in Gaza

Palestinians call the Israeli ceasefire in Gaza a Hamas victory. Thousands of Palestinians celebrated after the ceasefire took effect. Many of them said the war had proven to be costly, but it was a clear victory for the militant Islamic group Hamas. At the same time, Israel warned with stern words that if further hostile measures were taken, it would react with full force with renewed vigor.

Israel wreaked havoc on Gaza in 11 days

The 11-day war killed more than 200 people, most of them Palestinians. The war has caused widespread devastation in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, which is already a poor region. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday warned strongly that if a new attack were launched, it would be treated with renewed vigor. He said if Hamas thinks we will tolerate rocket attacks, then that is wrong.

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