Hamas tunnel attack: Israel attacks Hamas network tunnels underground Gaza: Israeli attack on Hamas underground tunnels in Gaza

Amid the continuing violence in Gaza, the IDF targeted Hamas in its own home by trapping it. The army was first informed that a ground attack would be carried out in Gaza in order for Hamas to send its fighters into the underground tunnel. Here, a high damage trap has been set attacking them all at once. The damage to Hamas is not yet clear, but there have been reports that many of its fighters have been buried inside. For Israel, these tunnels had been a disaster for a long time. The hidden tunnels of weapons to fighters are amazing in themselves.

Tanks and snipers waited outside

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) first spoke of a ground attack, then later clarified that they had not crossed the border. This is seen as a plan to trap Hamas. According to the Dailymail report, soldiers and tanks were stationed in front of the militants waiting for them with night vision, as they exited the tunnel. They were subjected to land and air strikes. Sniper and missile units have also been deployed. According to the IDF, a complex operation to blow up Hamas’s tunnels in Gaza City was carried out. The operation was called “The metro”. These tunnels are called subways.

The tunnel collapsed on the fighters

Neither Israel nor Hamas have yet reported on the damage to this network, but according to Israel National News, the IDF collapsed on top of the tunnel fighters, which is likely to suppress large numbers of Hamas members. According to the report, these tunnels have been a very important weapon for Hamas. Since the war with Israel in 2014, fighters have used them to carry weapons, to enter Israel, to target soldiers. The first tunnel was built between the Gaza Strip and Egypt in 2007 and was used for smuggling. Previously, such structures were used. They were later used against Israel.

Extreme intelligence tunnel

Through these tunnels, Hamas kidnapped Israeli soldier Zilad Shalit in 2006 and was held captive for five years. Today, this network reaches Israel. Here Hamas holds rockets and other weapons, establishes communication, hides and attacks fighters. Israel has been trying to eliminate them for a long time, but fails to do so. In fact, it is difficult to detect them from above the ground. Their roof is concrete. They cost $ 3-9 million to manufacture. Besides Hamas, they are also used by the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine.

Rocket attack from both sides

In response, Hamas fired 220 rockets from Gaza and 3 rockets from Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon, according to the report. However, no targets were targeted. The IDF targeted underground rocket targets in Gaza City and Hamas watchtowers. According to data, 119 Palestinians and 9 Israelis have been killed so far. Those killed in Palestine include 31 children and 19 women, while a soldier and a 6-year-old child have died in Israel. About 830 people were injured in Palestine. Attacks continue from both sides and no one is ready to back down. Prime Minister Netanyahu reiterated that he spoke of paying the price for Hamas and so is it.

160 Israeli planes wreak havoc, Hamas metro tunnel destroyed

160 Israeli planes wreak havoc, Hamas metro tunnel destroyed

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