Hamid Mir: Hamid Mir withdrawn from the airwaves and banned from programming on Geo News

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has now started to strangle the media, the so-called fourth pillar of democracy. Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir has been banned from reading the news for raising his voice and asking questions against the military and the government. Journalist Hamid Mir, who works for Geo News in Pakistan, has protested these days against the arrest of another journalist. A few days ago, he also led a rally in which he made scathing statements against Imran Khan’s government and the military.

Hamid Mir’s talk show broadcast has stopped
According to Pakistani media, Hamid Mir’s popular talk show suddenly stopped broadcasting. Hamid Mir himself tweeted and said he had already planned for this to happen. He said such a ban was not new to him as it had been banned twice in the past. This is why he had to lose his job twice.

Threats against Hamid Mir’s family
Hamid Mir said after this ban that an attempt was also made to kill me, but I survived. They cannot stop making their voices heard for the rights granted in the constitution. This time, I am ready for any result and I will go all the way because they threaten my family.

Voices are rising in support of Hamid in Pakistan
Many Pakistani journalists have spoken out against restrictions on Hamid Mir’s program. Hamid Mir remains in the Pakistani social media trend. Asma Sheraji, host of a TV show, said the management of the Jio channel should clarify its position. Several other journalists have also made statements against this decision.

Why is Imran Khan jealous of Hamid Mir?
It is said that recently, Hamid Mir’s harsh remarks at a rally in support of journalist Asad Toor created fear within the government and the military. This is the reason why by order of the government, the management of Jio stopped the broadcasting of his program without giving any reason. According to Jio administration sources, Hamid Mir has been put on leave for a few days.

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