Hamzah bin Hussein house arrest: Ruckus in the Jordanian royal family, former crown prince Hamza bin Hussein under house arrest for coup – Former crown prince of Jordan

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Jordan’s royal family feud, former crown prince under house arrest Prince Hamza bin Hussein charged with coup, prince jailed at home released video alleging corruption and political incompetence in Jordan
The infighting that has taken place internally in the royal family of the Gulf country, Jordan, is now in the foreground. King Abdullah II’s half-brother and former Crown Prince Hamza bin Hussein in Jordan has said he has been under house arrest. Hamza made allegations of corruption, political incompetence and harassment in the country in a five-minute video sent to the BBC.

19 people have already been arrested
It is said that at least 19 people who spoke out against the monarchy and the Jordanian government have already been arrested. At the same time, former Crown Prince Hamza bin Hussain has been accused of plotting the coup. They were told not to leave home for work other than meeting only the family. Prince Hamza alleged that satellite internet service at his home was also shut down.

Sentenced for criticizing the king
In the five-minute video shared through his lawyer, he said that this morning the head of the Jordanian armed forces met with me. In which he informed me that I was not allowed to go out of the house and interact with people. Because the meetings I attended or what I wrote on social media criticized the government or the king.

Arrest allegations dismissed
The order comes after Prince Hamza’s visit during which he met the chief of a tribe outside the capital, Amman. During this time, he also announced his support for the tribe. However, Prince Hamza says he did nothing wrong in doing so. At the same time, Army Chief General Yusuf Hunity denied reports that Prince Hamza had been arrested.

Jordanian army chief threatened the country
The Jordanian army chief said the prince had been urged to stop movements and activities that could threaten the security of the country. He also said that an investigation was still ongoing and that its results would be made public in a transparent and clear manner. He said in a conversation with the Petra News Agency that no one is above the law and Jordan’s security and stability is above all else.

Who is Prince Hamza bin Hussain?
Prince Hamza bin Hussain is the eldest son of King Hussain’s second wife, Queen Noor. Prince Hamza studied at the Royal Military Academy in Great Britain and Harvard in the United States. He also served in the Jordanian army for a long time. In 1999, Hamza was awarded the title of Crown Prince of Jordan. Despite being a favorite after the father’s death, King Abdullah II received power and the title of crown prince was snatched from Prince Hamza in 2004.

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