hand sanitizer child blindness: be careful when using sanitizer, can blind children: research – alcohol-based hand sanitizer sprayed into children’s eyes could cause blindness, experts say

All over the world, people use alcohol-based hand sanitizers to prevent the corona virus. According to the latest research in France, the incidence of injuries in children has increased 7-fold in 2020 compared to 2019. There are many cases of eye damage. Now, researchers have warned that if the disinfectant accidentally gets into a child’s eye, it can blind them.

According to the French anti-poison center database, the number of incidents related to disinfectants was 232 between April 1 and 2020, compared to 33 last year. The use of disinfectant is promoted around the world to prevent the corona virus. The use of disinfectant containing about 70% alcohol has increased very rapidly. The disinfectant kills the corona virus.

Because of this, the use of disinfectant has increased everywhere in stores, trains and homes. “Alcohol-based hand sanitizers have been used extensively since March 2020, especially among children,” the researchers said. Indian researchers also claim that disinfectants should be kept out of the reach of children. There have been two cases where the disinfectant entered the eyes of children and had to be taken to hospital.

Doctors said young children were at risk of becoming seriously ill or being blinded by disinfectant getting into their eyes. In most public places, disinfectants are placed at low altitudes, which makes them vulnerable in the eyes of children. He said we would advise children to go a long way in applying the disinfectant. Also try to prioritize the hand washing process to avoid corona.

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